Shustah 3 card reading. Yes or No.

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Today’s post is based on a specific question which requires a “yes” or “no” answer. I have mentioned in different groups/forums to answer the question asked. If it is yes or no, then answer yes or no. If it is for advice, then offer advice. There is no need to go on and on. Sure, being verbally creative is wonderful but think about the question before you provide information. The first position will give you a little background and the final card is the answer or at times – guidance. When card 3 provides guidance it is important to study card 2 because here you will find a possible solution or route to consider.

I did a 3 card draw which can be found in the Pages of Shustah accompanying book written by Ann Manser/Cecil North. There are only a few combination meanings offered in the book so that makes discovering combo meanings a good Cartomancy exercise, although it is not necessary to do this to gain benefits from the Pages of Shustah Reading.

I have studied the Shustah system for many years now and know how accurate the advice can be.  I have said this before with other divination systems – if you understand the foundational/core meanings you are at 3rd base of the Cartomancy Game. As in all systems there is “room to explore”.

Sorry about the poor quality of the image below but older mobile phone cameras aren’t the best to use.



The question:  Will female secure a job within the next 3 months.

The first card is the premise. I am not fond of that title and read this position as foundation or the reason why the question was asked. Often, this card will reveal the energy surrounding the question:  2. RED LITTLE FOXES.

The Little Foxes card is about interference. It also makes reference to the female’s motivation for wanting to be gainfully employed within the next 3 months. So, the energy surrounding the question is NOT above-board. It is cloaked under the moonlight. (see image).

Card two describes the problem or situation. When you identify it as a problem there are hints on why or why not the answer is yes or no if such a question is posed. As a situation the second card will expand on the first card’s meaning.   12. RED PALE HORSE

The Pale Horse is a card of fear. As a problem, it is saying the female is wanting to know about the job because of a specific set of circumstances. The question here is whether or not she is voluntarily wanting work because she wants to get out of the house (flee current situation) or if she needs to work (fears financial hardships).

So far we have established that the female has deep rooted reasons for wanting to secure a job within 3 months time frame.  At this point it is good Cartomancy practice to ask a few questions in order to best help the consultant. You may discover useful information.

The third card is the result. 12. GREEN MAGICAL HORSE.

I really like this card. Since it is green energy one of progress, growth and development I want to read it as a “quick result”. As far as a yes or no question which it is I would read this card as a YES. In all probability, the female will land a job within the designated time frame despite the blockages (red suit) of the first two card.

Obviously, the female will be able to address the problem/situation of card #2 the PALE HORSE.  I am very much into imagery as well. Notice that PALE HORSE meets MAGICAL HORSE head on. The green horse is much more powerful but is it prepared for the result. In other words, is the female prepared to secure a job and accept the responsibility of working?

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