Snapshot Houses interpretation: Reading 6 cards in 6 Houses

I’ve had a number of request to write a bit more on the Houses. I’d much rather do this than cut the lawn. ūüôā

In the image below you will see yellow circles on the cards. These are magnets which keep the mini cards flat on my board which I have propped up against the wall. I highly recommend getting the largest magnetic board available.  Measure the deck you are going to use to represent the Lenormand houses so that all rows fit.  Mini decks are suitable but some have a tendency to curl up if you do not store them with something heavy on top to keep them flat.

Again, I am featuring Roz Foster’s (Carrie Paris) Lenormand Revolution as the HOUSES and Rootweaver’s Vintage Lenormand as the CARDS. ¬†I chose the top left hand corner mainly because the Lady is passing through in this area of the Reading. I would like to demonstrate a partial interpretation. ¬†Before you begin the Houses reading get acquainted with the positioning of the cards. This will take a few minutes. When a deck is used to represent the Houses make sure the name of the card is right at the top or bottom that way when you place the second deck you avoid covering the name. ¬†I have another board where I wrote the names of the Houses in permanent marker and left enough room for the typical standard size of Lenormand cards. Either way works. Yes, I do know the Lenormand¬†House names (cards) by memory, lol, but feel I can utilize my memory to better use if I have a visual in front of me. ¬†ūüôā

Cards Passing Through Houses

Cards Passing Through Houses

Ok, we will start with the Lady card (House 10 Scythe). Before I begin, I want to explain that ¬†I will read partial Houses in row one namely House 1 (Snake), 2 (Ring), 3 (Path) and in the second row of the GT there are the partial Houses ¬†9 (Bouquet), 10 (Lady) and 11 (Cross). Don’t forget row one still has Houses 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 and row two has Houses 12. 13, 14, 15 and 16. ¬†As a reminder, row one has 8 Houses because I am using the 8×4 plus 4 layout.

I just like the look of 8×4 plus 4 when reading Houses. The 9×4 layout is good too. Cartomancer’s prerogative.

Case Study: 55-year-old female X, separated 6 months, has own business and in good health.

The Lady card represents female X. She is passing through the Scythe House (10) this tells me she most likely isn’t dealing with her emotions. She has severed them in relation to her marriage. Our Lady is on a mission to tie up any loose ends by eliminating those loose ends from her life. The Scythe House shares rulership with the Jack of Diamonds. Lady X may have an estranged relationship with a younger man, perhaps a son.

Rider House (1) – what’s approaching her. The energy of the Snake card is both positive and negative. The Snake card is passing through the Rider house. This can mean a situation will come up for Lady X whereby she needs to be really smart about what she is doing. Another woman (Queen of Clubs) will be contacting her or perhaps visiting her.

Clover House (2) – brief duration, quickie luck. The Ring card is passing through the Clover house suggesting specific commitments won’t last. This could affect her work although we can’t confirm this at this point because the Fox or Anchor Houses are not part of this analysis. ¬†It can also signify some sort of bonding with another individual. Work? Dating?

Ship House (3) Рtravels, commercial business, sometimes things  that you long for. The Path card passes through the Ship house indicating she has something to think over. Lady X might have to make a decision regarding work but then again, maybe she met someone new and has questions about the person. Also, there is a good chance she will want to take a trip.

Bouquet House (9) Рgifts, rewards, generosity, Queen of Spades.  The Clover card is passing through the Bouquet house suggesting the good times she is experiencing right now will not last. If you review the Clover House with the Ring card in it and add this information here you can safely say that whatever involvement she is currently experiencing is a passing thing. Most likely there is another woman involved (Snake РQueen of Clubs). Also, I want to read the Clover card to mean that the Queen of Spades probably will not be of kind assistance much longer. Is this a business manager?  Just throwing some ideas at you.

Scythe House (10) – we covered this at the beginning. ¬†This is a house of getting rid of things either abruptly or through methodical carving. Trimming with the motion of the scythe. There is an old Russian saying, “measure twice, cut once”.

Whip House (11) Рdiscussions, debates, conversations, bantering, Jack of Clubs. The Cross card is passing through the Whip card. Is there a Karmic lesson for Lady X because of things she may have said?  The Cross card can brings guilty feelings into a conversation. The could be some verbal punishment.  The Jack of Clubs has the gift of gab which can come through as emotional blackmail.

This is only a partial interpretation taken out of the context of the entire Reading for a suggestive analysis. You may have come up with additional information and that’s great. I like throwing around ideas to help you think about what I’m saying. It either resonates with you or it doesn’t. That’s not really important. The tutorial exercise is far more important than anything I write. After some experience you will be able to glance at the cards, at the Houses and the information will flow. Just remember, get a real good embrace around the Lenormand card meanings.

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