A Lenormand House always remains a Lenormand House

There are many techniques to use when reading the Full Board Layout or Grand Tableau consisting of the 36 Lenormand cards.

Personally, I prefer reading the Lenormand Houses without combining the cards side by side, diagonally, knighting, etc. I like to read the card falling or passing through the House.

Where do you start when reading Houses? I think that is up to the Cartomancer but starting with the Significators is always a good choice.  So, do you locate the Lady or Gentleman House first or the Lady or Gentleman in the layout? That is a very important question. Since you are reading the cards in the Houses I think finding the Significators first is probably better. This will give you an idea which House they are situated in and you can immediately get a feeling of what may be going on.

I wouldn’t recommend reading the cards in the Lenormand Houses unless you have some sort of understanding of the process. I can offer some tips but only for one card in one House. Today I will detail the Clouds card passing through the Lenormand Lady House. I should expand on why I say “passing”.  It’s quite simple.  The card which falls in the House is transiting or visiting. It will not stay there permanently it is just passing through.

Lenormand House – featuring the French Cartomancy Lady card by Laura Tuan

Clouds in Lady Lenormand House

Lenormand Card – featuring the Vintage Lenormand Clouds card by Rootweaver

Ok, lets suppose at this point you have already found the Lady in the GT and the House she occupies and there is a special someone so you glance at where the Gentleman card is situated. By now you will has a pretty good idea about the energy which surrounds them. By looking at the Significator House you will gain more knowledge about them.

CLOUDS:  King of Clubs. Changeable energy. A build up of a veil which does not allow you to see something clearly. A passing influence. Directions – light and dark side of clouds in most deck.

In the Vintage Lenormand the darkness is more on the right side of the card but is not read the same way as if the cards are side by side. Yes, the darkness is on the right side. Passing negative energy moves to the right in a GT layout as does the positive energy. It does not go backwards. Please don’t dwell on this because it will complicate your process of interpretation if you are just starting out with the GT Houses. I would read the Clouds card without any emphasis on the shading unless you get into a deeper reading by combining cards. I’m not saying it is not important. It is but keep it uncomplicated.

LADY: The person getting the reading. It could be you. It could be someone’s special lady. A wife. A girlfriend. A sister. A close friend. Same gender partner. And so on.

The LADY House does not change it is still a female either the consultant or the significant other. The CLOUDS card does not change in meaning, either.

You need to know that the Clouds card is passing through the House. It will deposit it’s energy there for a brief time or for the duration of the Reading (time frame). It will pass. All things pass either on their own or with a little help from the person or the Universe.

The Clouds card is saying to the Lady, ” I will surround you with my energy which is thick in nature. It is a heaviness you will experience for a short time. It is best not to make any decisions which are vital. More time is needed. More information is needed.”

How would you advise the person sitting in front of you who is the female depicted by the Lady card? At this point, you probably have not studied the other Houses. If you feel you need to then do so before you commence with your opening line. It’s good practice to start the Reading off with something positive. Look to the category Houses (House, Heart, Anchor, Bouquet, etc) and see what cards are there. It’s also a good idea to end the Reading on a positive note no matter what you see. Remember, you are dealing with the delicate feelings of another human being.

HOUSE: represents one of the Lenormand cards. The meaning of that card is what the House is all about. When there are 2-3 significant meanings for a card then all meanings should be factored in. In Astrology, a house can represent half a dozen things. When a planet passes through (transit) it can affect all those things under the rulership of that House. The same is true for the Lenormand Houses. 

CARD: has same meaning as the House corresponding to its name. Not influenced by House. Adds positive or negative influence to the House and makes the House deal with it. Similar to the planet passing through the Astrological Houses during a transit period. 

Clouds card in the Lady House is telling you that the female is going through an unclear phase or state of mind. Cross reference with the Lady Card and study the House in which she is positioned. Compare the two and summarize the energies involved. 

22 thoughts on “A Lenormand House always remains a Lenormand House

  1. Hi Sea Queen after reading your post I was inspired to see my cards keeping on mind about my visa for a
    Australia foe which they are taking too long i was bit worried that why they are taking so much time ……
    So i followed your post and drew cards for my self Lady card came or passing through house 7th ( Snake ) means some complications or difficulty . Am I on right track ?
    And on Lady’s left there Rider in 6th house (Clouds ) and on right side in the 8th house is (Sun ) then can the answer to my question be “Yes” after difficulties i will get my visa But time …. ? i don’t know . plz guide me .

    • Hi Ranie: Thank you for your comment. A friend of mine is experiencing a similar issue with a visa (visiting Australia).
      My brief interpretation is as follows:
      Rider card passing through the Clouds 6th House- yes there is some temporary problem shown here. The Rider is trying very hard to bring you results….
      Lady card passing through the Snake 7th House
      Lady represents you and keeping in mind the Queen of Clubs also rules the Snake House you may need to contact a female who has experience in these matters to gain more information on the status of your visa….you need to be well informed before speaking to anyone and definitely clear on the whole process. Snake is telling you to take a “smart approach”…
      Sun card passing through the Coffin 8th House
      Sun is a promising card passing through the House of endings. You can read this to mean that any halts on paperwork should be released. The Sun card will find a “renewal” of hope to see this matter resolved…

      Time: look the Moon 32nd House. This House will indicate a lunar month. There are other Houses with more specific time frames and the cards falling in these Houses will give you a clue. Let me know how you make out. Madame Seaqueen.

  2. Thank you for this post on working with Houses, Madame Seaqueen. I hope that you will teach more about this technique in the near future. I have been somewhat confused about the process, especially whether reading houses, knighting, diagonals all fits together, or whether or not they should all be included in the same reading.

  3. Dear Jozefa, yours is one of the most helpful and practical blogs online. You were there for me when I was stepping into Lenormand, thank you!. I really like this way of working – there are one or two positions in a Grand tableau that I always look at like this, but I will bear your words in mind.

    • Thank you Caitlin. I have been meaning to email you privately just to touch base but my schedule is so hectic with so many commitments. I am detailing the Houses in great depth in the revised edition of the Reading the Lenormand handbook which will feature many more layouts with helpful tips on how to read the cards in those layouts. I look forward to the arrival of the Enchanted Lenormand. I want to thank you for all your encouraging comments on some of the FB groups. Sometimes, I can’t keep up with everything by clicking LIKE, lol, but the gratitude is within my heart. Jozefa

  4. Great SeaQueen thanks a ton for guiding me and wonderfully explained which is very simple to understand ….
    I liked this method for GT to understand for beginners, simple way for practice to learn .
    – I read every post of yours and like them very much.
    – Sorry i did not jot down the cards my reaction was so spontaneous As i was thrilled with your simple way i just drew the cards and mailed you and so beautifully you answered. . Now cannot see time card …….may be next time under your guidance. .

  5. Thank you so much, Madame Seaqueen! As a beginner, I have been reluctant to tackle the GT because of confusion on how to read the houses. But your posts are helping to clear this up! I will be watching for your revised handbook to be published.

    • Thank you for your kind comments.Read the Houses the same way you read the Cards- they mean the same thing. When a card falls (passes through) in a House it is visiting. The House meaning does not change and the Card meaning does not change. There is a newly arrived meaning which is born out of this.

  6. Hello dear Madame Seaqueen, you are the best teacher. I enjoy reading your explanation. Please tell me when the lady or gentleman fall into any of the houses, how to interpret them? They get the quality of this home or something else? Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment and kind words. In response to your question let’s say a Significator falls in the Ship House- that person is probably planning to travel or could be away on a trip. Another example: Significator falls in Anchor House most likely the person is reliable and grounded. Also, work is very much on their mind. If the Lady falls in the Gentleman House: he has a close bond to her and they will do something together in the near future. One thing to remember is when reading a house try to choose one meaning because if you use 3 or 4 as some Houses could have it’s a guessing game. If you have some particular Houses you are interested in let me know. Any card falling into a House is considered visiting or passing through. The House won’t change and the card won’t change. I know this sounds confusing but the core meanings remain the same. The new prediction is a blend. It’s kind of like milk & chocolate syrup = chocolate milk 🙂 Hope that helps. Madame Seaqueen.

  7. Thank you for such a detailed response. Your lessons help me a lot. If I had not found your blog on the internet, it probably would never be able to understand these wonderful cards. Once again thank you very much.

    • Hello: Thank you for your comments. I believe the website can be translated to Russian. If you plan to translate posts please let me know what content you have in mind. Link back to Seaqueen & the blog is appreciated. Madame Seaqueen.

      • Thank you very much,MADAME SEAQUEEN, I would put as a translation site, it certainly will let you know. And of course I will show obyazazatelno link to your site.

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