About the Caravan of SEE’ers Fortune Telling Playing Cards

Earlier this year I contacted Jennifer Kast, (creator of the Caravan of SEE’ers Fortune Telling Playing cards) about some cartomancy labels/charts she was offering at ETSY. At the time she did not ship to Canada but was kind enough to change the listing so I could purchase these items.

At this current time Jennifer is looking for funding at Kickstarter website for the Caravan of SEE’ers Fortune Telling Playing cards project which includes the innovative “Novice” blue deck (both upright & reversed meanings on the cards) and the “Intuition” red deck (one word meaning for both reversed & upright positions). Please click the Kickstarter—-> link to view a well put together video on these two decks. There is ample information on Kickstarter’s website on this project, lots of images, pricing, etc. The cards are truly a brilliant and creative idea.  There is also the mention of the Gray Deck which is what Jennifer calls, “the stretch goal”.

Before I tell you a little about Jennifer I want to show you a Reading with the Red deck she was so kind to do for me. I have three Court cards.

The Red Deck

The Red Deck

Below you can see the 2 of Clubs from the Blue deck.

Isn’t this just a breath of fresh cartomancy air.

Image reproduced with Jennifer Kast's permission

Image reproduced with Jennifer Kast’s permission

When I found her cartomancy labels on Etsy I had the feeling there was more to this artist than just the items she was offering. You could see it in the way she presented the cartomancy stickers/charts – very creative and very professional. I sensed from the emails we have been sharing that Jennifer possesses a very light hearted disposition with a great sense of humour.

Jennifer is the mother of two small children who has the full support of her husband to pursue her Cartomancy passions. Jennifer’s brother has given her that little nudge she needed while she was creating the cartomancy labels, charts, etc, Jennifer says, ” My brother asked why I didn’t just make cards..and then they could be “designed” too”.

From this point on the fever hit and Jennifer went into a state of openness to the synchronicities of our great Universe.  She’s in the “Cartomancy Zone” like many of us who LOVE reading cards.

I certainly can understand the wave she is riding right now and know that with the help of all the Cartomancy lovers out there her project will get off the ground via Kickstarter.  I don’t see Jennifer as the type of young lady who will give up that easily.

What a great contribution to our Cartomancy society!

Jennifer’s story is a perfect example of the type of “synchronicity” which James Redfield details in his Celestine Prophecy books.  When someone takes “the bull by it’s horns”, as Jennifer has done the only possible result is — SUCCESS!

She has changed the face of playing cards for fortune telling in such a way that you just can’t help but love the decks.

Let’s help her out by funding this project.

3 thoughts on “About the Caravan of SEE’ers Fortune Telling Playing Cards

    • Hello Caitlin,
      Thank you for your comment. I know if you ever decided to create your own version of the playing cards they would be a pure delight. The deck would be a masterpiece given your wealth of knowledge on Cartomancy. BTW I’m still working on the revision of the Lenormand handbook which has expanded to include images from 4 additional new Lenormand decks. The Gypsy handbook’s content needs to be downsized from the hundreds of files I have stored from the past decade, lol. Most likely it won’t be ready until 2014. Take care.

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