Reaction Layout featuring the Lenormand Revolution cards

Here’s another little layout I’ve studied for several years and found it to be helpful when asking a specific question.  I am featuring the Lenormand Revolution (Carrie Paris, Roz Foster). You can purchase this deck at Carrie’s website.  —->click HERE.


I created this layout in the summer of 2009 which was on my other blog (Ask my Layouts) that I no longer post on due to time restraints. I named this four card spread “reaction” because often clients want to know if they will be happy or satisfied with the probable answers the cards provide. For example: “will I be happy with my new job”.



INSTRUCTIONS for Reaction Layout including the analysis of the Lenormand Revolution cards falling in the positions. You can use any deck of cards for this simple layout.

Generally, I remove the card representing the category of interest and place it on the top of the layout. You don’t have to do this. It can be a random fall of the cards. Then I shuffle the deck and continue placing the remaining three cards beneath it as seen in the image above.


The card falling in position #1 will reveal to you the essence of your question.  If you were not consciously thinking of a question, this spot will suggest to you what area of life you should consider contemplating on.

ANCHOR: The question is about a work situation. The consultant wants to know if she will ever be happy at work.  The Anchor card represents the work question. It also suggests she is asking about her personal security (happiness).


An influence or person is about to leave the current scenario. It could be an experience which is just passing that makes way for something new that is about to enter your life.

BEAR: The Bear card reveals that a situation is passing out of the current work environment which may have stressed the client to the point where she was wondering if she will ever be happy again. You don’t ask that type of question unless there is a thorn in your side created by a person or circumstances around work.  I have always read the Bear card as a power card. What I mean by this is an overwhelming situation where someone might be a victim of another’s position over them. This is common in the work place. Many times you are only a shadow in the background even though you do all the work.  In this case, there could be one more blast of power before the Bear’s energy (jealousy induced) leaves as the bear faces at the Coming card.


The card falling in this position will give you clues around your question or add more information to the Situation card.  Here we will find influences that are just about to happen.

CHILD: We can see her that there will be some changes taking place which will be a breath of fresh air. The Child card represents very common sense meanings which are akin to Aces. Also, when a person is accustom to someone else making decisions for them (either by no choice or plain ol’ laziness) they often lose that direction and have to learn to be more independent.  The child is also needy and requires attention. At this point of the Reading I think the client will need time to adjust to the different conditions coming at work.  Growing Pains.


Similar to an outcome card the final position will suggest how you will response to the results of the Situation question or circumstance.  Often the last card will be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

BOUQUET: This is a “yes” answer. Sure, she will be happy again. It looks like she will be pleased at how things have unfolded.  There could be a more mature woman helping her out (Queen of Spades playing card inset). This female may be a new boss or supervisor.

The Bouquet card can also suggest that the client will stop to smell the roses instead of counting the thorns. Something we all should practice.

A new layout is easy to create.

  1. Decide how many cards you want in a Layout.
  2. Assign meanings to the positions in the Layout.
  3. Select a time frame for the Layout or just certain positions.
  4. Get your favourite deck and lay them out according to your new Layout.
  5. Grab a notebook or do a post on your blog with your findings.
  6. Test your Layout by comparing the accuracy rate within the designated time.
As always Seaqueen’s View.

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