NEW Tarot Book by Ian Eshey

Heads up! “Tarot Spreads for Love, Career and More: Get Your Questions Answered” by Ian Eshey is available at Amazon starting Aug 17th.

ABOUT Ian Eshey:

Ian is 39 years old living in Europe. Several years ago he had transformed his life from a successful corporate executive (with all stereotypical problems) to moderately successful entrepreneur and IT consultant with all the time in the world for his 8 year old son, sailing and pursuing private interests.
Tarot has been Ian’s hobby for the last decade or so, ever since he began to understand the Tarot not as an entertainment or a tool for fortune telling, but instead as a tool to communicate with his unconscious self. He was astonished to realize the Tarot cards were more resourceful than his “external” self that he carefully built and drilled over the years.
Ian says, “Now I let my intuition guide me in most matters – with both better results and far greater enjoyment in life.”
Ian’s  previous e-book on Tarot was a moderate success on Amazon which encouraged him to continue, so this is his second take on sharing revelations that made Ian a great Tarot fan. “It made my own life more fulfilled, ” says Ian.


Aug 17-18 Ian’s new book will be on promotion. FREE for two days.

Check out Ian's book

Check out Ian’s book

  Please visit his website LEARN TAROT IN A DAY

And I quote with Ian’s permission. TABLE OF CONTENTS

“Chapter 1: Introduction
Good Tarot Spreads are Those That Make You Think
What You Need to Know to Read Tarot Cards Yourself

Chapter 2: Popular Easy Spreads
Card of the Day Spread
Pros and Cons Spread
Past, Present, Future Spread

Chapter 3: More Rewarding Popular Spreads
Horse Shoe Tarot Spread
Celtic Cross: Probably the Most Common Spread

Chapter 4: Love and Relationship Spreads
Love Tarot Spreads
Relationship Advice
How to Get Your Ex Back
Does He Love Me
How to Move On

Chapter 5: Money and Career Spreads
How to Save Money
How to Make Money from Home
How to Find a Job

Chapter 6: Self-Improvement Spreads
Work-Life Balance
How to Deal With Stress
How to Be Happy

Chapter 7: Putting it All Together – Real-Life Example Readings
3-Card Spread Example
Love Reading Example
Career Reading Example
Celtic Cross Reading Example
Horse Shoe Spread Example”

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