Tarot Illuminati set

I waited a long time to receive the Tarot Illuminati set  to arrive in Canada. I won’t be doing a full review on the set (on another blog at a later date). What I wanted to do is a one card draw keeping a question in mind. The brilliance of this deck is magnetic. Kim HuggensErik C. Dunne.

Actually I asked a silly question. Why has it taken me 7 years to complete the final version of the “Reading the Lenormand handbook” part of the Seaqueen’s Cartomany Handbook Series. I remember my teachers always wondering why I re-wrote my little books at school even when I got 9/10 for neatness and penmanship. Dam it, I wanted 10/10. Good grief I began this little project when there were no books available in English & I mean none. And I know this because I was looking for them myself, henceforth, the blog was created. Well, I know for a fact that our will is no match for Divine Intervention. Being a writer is sometimes a nerve wrecking experience, lol. Those of you who write know what I mean. You get writer’s block, you want to write at 3 a.m. when you should be sleeping, someone asks you for a time-consuming favour, you lose your job, your relationship breaks up, you lose people in your life, etc., etc., etc. Did I mention procrastination, lol.

I selected the 7 Pentacles from the Tarot Illuminati deck.

7 of Pentacles

7 of Pentacles

Isn’t this deck incredible! I know the meanings of the 7 of Pentacles card just like you probably do as well. When this card is studied in relation to the question it takes on a different level of understanding. Ok, so we have the following meanings: waiting to reap what we have sown, there is a season for everything, the work has been done, and so on.  More meanings on the 7 of Pentacles can be found —> HERE.
As I study the card in the image I get the feeling that you must remain humble no matter how much work you put into a project. You need to be patient. You cannot rush the results. You can oversee (cultivate) the progress. One or all of those pentacles in the trees will reach maturity perhaps at different times or all at once.

Another way to look at this card is that maybe the pentacles are ready for the picking. The monk might represent our value system. Maybe we think we are not worthy?

Trying to perfect information which is so simple is truly a waste of time. However, taking that same information to teach someone is another story. We, who try to teach others our perceptions on the Lenormand cards are putting ourselves out there; sometimes on the chopping block. You do not have to agree with everything which is presented to you on-line or in books. BUT you do need a foundation of understanding which is rooted in historical records. This is where it all started. Call it what you may. I call it tradition because the root meanings of the Lenormand cards are in the past. I’m getting off track, lol, back to the topic of today’s post.

I see timing in the 7 of Pentacles.  Why it took me so long? I suppose it is because I subconsciously knew when the time was right it would happen. I can’t imagine the handbook being a success in 2005 because Lenormand was not a “hot item”.  Is Lenormand hot today? I love it! It seems to be sizzling but I think  it has it’s term purpose to satiate those curious minds. Some people need stimulation all the time. Sure the Lenormand cards give you plenty of stimulation but what about our Sacred Tarot?   🙂 🙂  If you happen to have the Tarot Illuminati your love affair with the Tarot will begin all over again.


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