Zigeuner Unexpected Joy. Lenormand Clover.

unexpected-joy  CLOVER

Don’t we all love to experience unexpected joy or unexpected luck?

Both the Unexpected Joy and Clover cards have a short-term influence. Luck comes in cycles and many people are not joyous every minute of the day, either. Moods come in cycles. One minute you are happy, the next minute you want to wring someone’s neck. The card next to either of these will give you some clues as to how you will be experiencing their energy.

If a people card is involved then that person could be responsible or at least contribute to the temporary state of joy or luck. Maybe you got some news +Letter (L, Z) +Message (Z) +Rider (L).

It could be about work +Anchor (L). It could be about love +Love (Z), +Heart (L).

Maybe some annoying situation stops. +Anger (Z), +Whip (L)

The Zigeuner deck shows the male holding a satchel probably filled with bills. His right arm is stretched out as if to say, “look at me, how lucky I am”. There is a bag of coins on the ground. Or did he find the satchel on the ground and is rejoicing at his luck? Many people equate luck with money.

The 4 leaf clover stands proudly in the image. Many people equate clovers with general money luck When my parents were alive we would go out in the backyard every spring to see who found the 1st 4-leaf clover. I was usually the first one, lol, but I knew where to look.

As they say, “Ride the wave (of opportunity)” as you experience Unexpected Joy & the Clover.

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