Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver

A few days ago I received a surprise gift. There was a nicely wrapped box sitting on a little table by my front door. I put this little table on the porch because I received packages from all over the world and most of them don’t fit into the narrow mailbox.

As I unwrapped the box I came to a small little black back holding the mini Vintage Lenormand cards created by Rootweaver. Today, I decided to demonstrate the Heart Layout (click link for instructions) using this lovely deck. The image below does not do the cards justice as my camera is in dire need of being replaced.

I posed a question for the Vintage Lenormand regarding Lady X (right column) and Gentleman (left column). The question is, “Will these two people get back together into a relationship“.

Heart Layout

Heart Layout

LEFT COLUMN: Card above the Gentleman represents what is on his mind.

BOOK: The Gentleman is very closed off emotionally since this question is about a relationship. He could even be bashful or hesitant about this relationship. The book does represent “secrets” of some types. A secret is information that we are not aware of or information which has yet to unfold. A secret is also information withheld.

You could read this to mean that he has closed the book on a future relationship with Lady X if you take the outcome card SCYTHE into this equation. Also, if you view the Scythe card as a complete halt of further involvement.

Card beneath the Gentleman represents what he faces.

SUN: His path is filled with promise and fulfillment. He appears to be happy the way he is right now perhaps with no emotional strings tied to the Lady in question. This card also suggests that there will be some information brought forward from the hidden pages of the Book card since the Letter card is above the Lady in the next column.

It is obvious the male is looking at a successful outcome to this situation. The problem is it might be good for him but not good for the lady.

RIGHT COLUMN: Card above the Lady represents what is on her mind.

LETTER: Lady X will be thinking about some news or information which might come out into the open about the Gentleman. His approach is totally male (stereo typing men). Information might be “as a matter of fact”. Females tend to look more deeply at the emotional aspects of relationships.

Card beneath the Lady represents what she faces.

MOON: One of the meanings of this card suggests Lady X’s emotional state. It’s all about feelings. She is very sensitive about this Gentleman. It is also a time card. I read the Moon to indicate 28 days (moon’s cycle) other Cartomancers may use different time frames if any at all. In one of the traditional meanings the Moon card is  fame. I want to read this “fame” to mean that her efforts will be recognized by the Gentleman. He should at least acknowledge this Lady’s feelings.

It is obvious the female will be addressing her feeling.

The card in the middle, joining the Gentleman and Lady is the OUTCOME:

SCYTHE: Now, we all have a pretty good idea what this card means. Notice the sharp point of the scythe facing the lady’s right shoulder.

This card does not give very promising energy that these people will get back together as a couple in a relationship. I feel the female might get hurt (emotionally – Moon) when the male finally decides to divulge more information (Book+Scythe).

I feel that at the current time, this couple will probably not reunite. That is not to say they won’t in the distant future. For now, the energy is not conducive for a reunion.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver

  1. Hi,
    I like your post. May I ask you a question? In this Heart layout we have 7 cards from left to right. Do you use significator for amn and lady? What is the order these cards when you spread them? Thanks

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