Do you dare to Read the Konxari Cards alone?

I found a really great documentary on YouTube by Matt Busch. I would encourage you to watch it to better understand the process involved in the Reading.  I will be posting a reading on the Facebook page (join the group) for the purpose of study and quite possibly to try to connect with a famous Cartomancer for messages. I’m going to do the Reading first with my girlfriend to witness it and then will present the layout to the Konxari Cards FB group for further study. I do want to follow the tradition set out in the instructions. This is important when learning a system. There is always room for growth after some practical experience. I am a little apprehensive about doing a Reading alone because in the past when playing the Ouija board I had some totally bizarre and freaky messages which came true years later. I still talk about the Ouija board incident with the lady who was there some 30 years later. I think it best to wait for my girlfriend to become available for this Konxari session. She will record any “odd” occurrences which may happen during our experiment or if there will be some energy we have to contend with.

I know, I know, it’s just pieces of cardboard with images…..but Cartomancy is in the eyes of the Beholder and this Beholder knows how cards can come “to life” in a Reading.

4 thoughts on “Do you dare to Read the Konxari Cards alone?

  1. I’ve seen this deck used – by a few ‘psychics’ on an online site… but really didn’t take consideration how different they are. (( wasn’t aware, at first what they’re function is.)) This video is helpful, thanks.

  2. my best friend just gave me the deck for my birthday and there is so much energy in them my entire arm tingled when i opened them

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