Asking the Tarot about the Lenormand cards

I thought it would be a fun idea to explore the Tarot by asking a question about the Lenormand cards. My question is:  How should we read the Lenormand cards?

I drew 3 Tarot cards while concentrating on this question also asking the Tarot cards to provide guidance. Reading and Learning is different in that learning involves the study of a system of card meanings and reading involves putting it all together.  With questions such as this I tend to seek guidance through the 22 Major Arcana and remove all the 56 Minor Arcana.

The first card didn’t surprise me at all.  THE HIEROPHANT.

Here we are (represented by the balding monks in the foreground) listening to the Hierophant (tradition) speak.  The teachings of the foremothers and forefathers of Cartomancy are represented by the Hierophant.  The message of this card suggests, “This is the way to learn Cartomancy. Follow my teachings and systems. Bow your heads in obedience. Hear what I am saying”.

image removed

Yes, it starts with traditional Lenormand meanings. There is historical evidence of assigned meanings to each of the 36 cards. Those of us who try to teach others have traditional rooting. Most of us that teach Cartomancy try to spare you hours and hours of research. Most of us do not become territorial in our findings as we did not invent Cartomancy. We did not pick the meanings out of our hats the same way a magician picks a rabbit out of his hat. Those who are possessive of meanings are probably on a different wavelength. Now, if you discovered new meanings for a card through your practical experience it’s good to share in a non combative fashion.

However, we are still the balding monks in front of the Hierophant at this stage of learning.

The second card pulled is TEMPERANCE.

Here we are (represented by the angel). One hand holds the chalice of tradition and the other cup holds our process of interpretation. We are blending as we blend the combinations in a layout. One foot is rooted on land (tradition) and one foot is in the water (our intuition).

With the right amount of mixing and mashing we arrive at a balanced meaning of the cards which is comfortable for us in our own individual process. You have to experiment by practicing to get just the right mixture that works for you. Moderation is the key.

image removed

The 3rd card pulled for this question is THE TOWER

image removed

I certainly didn’t expect to see this card after the last 2 Major Arcana cards made so much sense.

So, the question is,  “How should we read the Lenormand cards?” The more I think about it the Tower card is appropriate in some respects. In my understanding and training this card is all about unexpected situations. Often, there is an element of surprise and a complete overturning of circumstances to accommodate “new energy”. I have lived through this card and come out on the other side….changed in various aspects of my life due to personal experiences or through the experiences of those close to me in turn affecting me to some degree. 

Sticking to the question asked I want to interpret the Tower to mean “ego” or the “mightier than thou mentality”. It’s like getting to the point were you think you know it all and then bang another discovery is made. You can never know too much. We are all students. Some of us might achieve higher grades in our studies depicting that our understanding is to the point where we can teach others. This happens all the time. Some people take a course from someone else and then proceed to teach others what they have learned. It’s their perception and theirs alone. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

Or you could wake up one day from traditional meanings and the experiential process and decide it’s not quite working for you. Who do you identify with in the image. The people falling off the tower? The tower itself? The bolt of lightning?

The Tower card is advising us not to be too narrow-minded in our learning process. It’s best to stay open because just when you think you have a handle on it you may read something somewhere which will either test what you know thus far or it may provoke you to challenge this new information because it’s “rattling your comfort zone”.

I’d say this Tarot reading is quite interesting. My interpretation of the Tarot cards might be different from yours. It all goes right back to how you learned the Tarot. Tradition? Did you read the meanings in someone’s instructional book or on someone’s website?  Cartomancy is rooted in the tradition of our foremothers and forefathers. We build on those roots and spread our modern day wings.


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