The Lenormand Scythe card.

10. The mystical SCYTHE

10. The Mystical SCYTHE

The depiction in the Mystical Lenormand Scythe card gives the feeling of work to be done. The Scythe’s energy is about weeding out situations which no longer serve any useful purpose. The mound of hay in the cart needs to be cut up and assembled into bales. This is work for someone. I see this as a positive influence even though some of the traditional associations mean “to slice, to cut, to sever, to separate”. The latter meanings can be hurtful in situations.

When you see the Scythe card in combination take a minute to think about the positive aspects of this card. Is there more work to be done or does there need to be an application of some action to the situation suggested by the combination?

The ox is pulling a heavy load unlike the heavy emotional loads that we pull along in our daily lives. Once we get organize our thoughts and feelings we can experience bales of relief. We can begin to identify why we think or feel a certain way. If we do not eliminate confusing thoughts or situations ourselves then they are done for us by others. And this does hurt in a lot of cases because we are not prepared or it comes as a surprise.

There can be positive and negative in all cards even if they have a reputation of being “bad” like this one. Sometimes “bad” is a blessing in disguise.   🙂


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