Respect the Insights of Cartomancers….

DISCLAIMER: I feel that I need to write a disclaimer in today’s  post in lieu of the recent disharmony in certain aspects of the Cartomancy community. My content is always written from my perspective that is based on years of my research, my practical experience, my intuition and my process of interpretation. I write about various topics on this blog to help individuals learn. Something? Anything? Other authors write from their perspectives. We can’t all agree on everything but what we should agree on is that each and every person’s view on any or all aspects of Cartomancy should be RESPECTED.

Please take what you find helpful from fellow Cartomancers and discard the information which you do not find useful. If for some reason, what you read on this blog or any other website is in direct conflict to your own understanding of the cards, featured layouts or vehicle of interpretation …follow your own Voice.  🙂

Respect the Insights of your fellow Cartomancers. 

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