Interpretation of Trigger Layout

The Trigger Layout consists of 12 cards. This layout can be used with any deck of cards.  In today’s example I am using the Lenormand cards.  

Trigger Layout




The YOU spot is reserved for the Significator card if you decide to use one, Lady or Gentleman but today’s example there was no YOU card preselected. The card which falls in this spot will probably be a situation or person that is on Lady S’s mind (Lady S is seeking some general advice).

The Trigger Row:  Moon……Man……Tree……Scythe

Moon (lessened & passing energy)…..Man (Significator or Situation) ……Tree (momentum building up) ……Scythe (resulting outcome or situation)

If we scan the 4 cards in the Trigger layout we can see the influence of the Moon is passing which is next to the Man card representing a situation or someone who is in Lady S’s mind. On the right side sits the Tree card suggesting some well-being issue but from the initial scan we don’t have much detail if indeed the Tree represents health or some situation which is rooted in the Immediate column. The Scythe ends the Trigger row suggesting whatever is going on in the Soon column will most likely conclude in a very quick way.  

Past – Cards 1,5,8 describes the recent past-the last few days or the recent circumstance around your question.

Letter- news or information if revealed about

Moon- some scenario involving one’s intuitive feelings. It can cast a shadow on the card to the right but it is important to consider the final card in this layout.

Birds-could create some anxiety or worry

We end this column with some conflicting “talk” which most likely is carried over to the next column.

Now-Cards 2, YOU (#29), 9 describes the now – what is going on with you – your thoughts and feelings.

Whip- I would read this card as a difference of opinion involving the man sitting in the YOU spot. Obviously, some situation is under fire or discussion.

Gentleman- there is a significant male on the mind of Lady S. This could be a husband or person which she was thinking about on the day of shuffle. Lady S should be reassured that whatever situation is under scrutiny it will pass as can be seen in the next card. The situation will most likely involve the man directly which is represented by the Gentleman card.

Clover- passing influence. I read the Clover as a more light energy which comes and goes. In this case I am not connecting it to any kind of luck with the exception that perhaps it’s lucky this difference of opinion won’t last forever.

Immediate– Cards 3,6,10 – describe the immediate future, a day or so. These cards will tell you what to anticipate. [Time frame up to 2-3 weeks]

Path- the preselected time frame for the Immediate column is a couple of weeks. During that time a decision will need to be made.

Tree-often this card is someone’s well-being but it can be the well-being of a situation, ie: financial position/work situation/legal involvements, etc.

Bear- the empowering energy of the Bear card suggests a certain amount of control is recaptured. It’s kind of like getting a handle on things again. Traditionally, the Bear card has been linked to money or an older man.

There are a few scenarios possible. If this column describes a financial situation there some decision-making is involved. If it involves an older man’s well-being the Stork in the next column shows changes in condition.

It’s always best to go through all the cards to get an idea of what’s going on. Then you can go back and review your findings to gain more information because all the cards are tied in with each other somehow.

Soon– Cards 4,7,11 – describe soon, less than a week. It’ll give you an answer to your question. [Time frame up to end of August or summer]

Tower- we can read this card to represent a number of things. Is it a building? Is it something out of reach? Is it something long-lasting? Often this card denotes separation or parting of ways between people or situations.

Scythe- one nasty little fellow sitting here. Something ends suddenly. Something is removed.

Stork- because of the influence of the Scythe’s energy there will be some significant changes coming before the end of summer (time frame preselected for this column)

When Tower + Scythe fall together there is no chance of reconciling.  The door is shut and changes occur accordingly. If this suggests a business venture then it may not unfold as hoped. If it involves a relationship something needs to change before all is lost (could be a friend of Lady S’s). If it involves someone’s well-being there’s no real choice but to have something eliminated. I do not like to discuss health related situations much deeper.  If it is a legal situation which is sometimes linked with the Tower then it may not be financially feasible to pursue the matter.

The final Stork card is all about change but it is also the Queen of Hearts – a loving female within the family circle.  This lady will be highlighted in the month of August for her involvement in some of these possible scenarios.  This “brief” reading is only a glimpse of what the Lenormand cards could mean. You may see other combinations which would enhance or add to it.     🙂

For informational entertainment.

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