Asking the Magisches Lenormand about Mom’s missing book?

Today, I am going to ask the Lenormand where a lost/misplaced item is but first you need a little background as to why I am asking the question. Background information around questions is very helpful when interpreting cards to find answers to important questions. It’s not a game. Too much time can be wasted in the “you’re the psychic read my mind mentality”.

As you may know my dear mom passed away May 2010. Mom had a book with no cover which was written in her native language (Yugoslavian at the time the book was written).  I know the book is here somewhere. There is a chapter in this book about old fashioned cartomancy, astrology, symbols etc. Several times I had to re-staple the chapters because of the wear and tear.  It has lots of writing in it, too, as form of note-keeping for future reference.

Since the Lenormand cards are the latest new loved dessert among Cartomancers  I chose the Magisches Lenormand to demonstrate my findings in the reading below.

Where is the missing book?


As I said above it is important to understand the background surrounding this question and my involvement.  Herein lie many clues to assist in the interpretation.

My interpretation will be brief in point form.

BASIS: Cross.

  • energy around the question has some sadness because mom is gone
  • something final
  • a test
  • is it a religious message?


  • I know I’m asking about an actual physical book
  • I know the secrets in this book which are mom’s written notes
  • I know the Book card is trying to tell me to look at the next card


  • my own feelings are getting in the way
  • the whole situation is stirring up memories of mom
  • am I looking in the shadows?
  • it’s probably right in front of me
  • Astrology


  • I feel some stability from this card
  • does this mean the book is in the same place as I put it after mom passed?
  • something heavy?
  • something stuck?


  • normally, the Rider speaks of something on its way
  • is the book waiting for me to find it?
  • notice the rider is heading towards the Anchor card (directions technique)
  • am I suppose to retrace my steps?


  • the energy is one of ending but with hope
  • is the Rider card telling me to look in areas which have to do with the funeral papers?
  • have I put the book with mom’s personal treasures

UPDATE: MARCH 14/14- part of the book was located a few weeks ago. It was hidden in a tote box along with some vintage crochet books & cartomancy research journals from the 1970-80’s. The other half of book is still missing. I must have taken it apart to hole punch since there are a few pages already done. 

After scanning the cards with all the points I have written I do not get the feeling that I won’t find the book. I get the feeling I will.  Is the book hidden my vast collection of probably 300+ books, cards, card sets? Or did I put it somewhere special?

Ok, so what I am not seeing is the Moon card’s energy. This card has the answer.  After some further study of the actual moon in the Moon card it is a full moon unlike quarter moons in some decks. To me, this is a timing element. Full moon – 28 day cycle.  The Magisches Lenormand also sports many twinkling stars which indicate the skies are mostly clear.

I want to blend the Coffin card with the Moon card for clues. The Moon card also represents my intuition and it’s blocked in this case because of my own personal involvement. Grief takes a long, long time to deal with.

My question for the Magisches Lenormand was “where” is my mom’s book and not “will I find mom’s book”.

Where:  near something heavy, near other books, near mom’s personal treasures, near a bible (Cross), near pictures of the moon, near wooden boxes (Coffin) and so on.

After doing this exercise I am going to look in all the places the cards are suggesting.   🙂

Additional update: I just added this thought – mom died on the full moon in May 2010. She loved the full moon. I am going to look up what sign the full moon was in at the time of her passing and maybe there will be an Astrological hint. I just checked the moon was in Gemini which is my mom’s Sun Sign. In my chart, Gemini rules the 7th house which is connected to matters legal in nature. I bet you I stored the book with those papers. I’m almost having a vision of putting the book in a filing box of some sort…… 

11 thoughts on “Asking the Magisches Lenormand about Mom’s missing book?

  1. Is any place where your farther used to pray or meditate even to write/read or such things?a place situated to the east or a cold damp floor.Possible there are some religious artefacts:bible,religious pictures,etc.

    • Hi: Thanks for your insights. I do have the flyers I gave out at the funeral. The image is of Jesus holding a book. Ask the Zigener for me and post on Zel’s FB page. I belong to it, although, I have not made comments yet, but I will. My little gipsy handbook (editing for the last 7 years LOL) is not as elaborate in information as Zel’s it more of an open concept. BTW you are quite a talented Cartomancer. xox

      • thank you Madam are my idol in cartomancy..I have asked behind your question about where is your book.I used the lenormard cards with the help of a tarot spread(The Wheel Spread).I got a very interesting answer:In the 12 House which is Pieces governed by Moon there were Gman+ Whips + Book…Definitly there is a connection between the book and some things related to a man.
        This spread helped me many time to find lost items.
        The house tells where it might be:
        12th house the Book felt: Pisces and Moon tarot card
        Coastal areas, marshy ground, rivers, aquariums, pumps, religious areas. Liquids, chemicals, oils, healing techniques. Hospitals, clinics, jails. Dark rooms, cinemas. Cold damp floors, floor coverings. Areas that flood.

        Twelve – hospitals, hidden places
        Hospitals, pharmacies, zoos, prisons, mental institutions, social security offices, ashrams, monasteries, hidden places, places of prayer and meditation, mysterious places, sick room, doctors office, clinic.

        Direction:Pisces: North by West

      • Hi Kali: Thank you. I will take your interpretation under consideration. It could be with my dad’s paperwork if the Gentleman appeared in the 12 house. It was a confusing time for me to lose both parents within 4 short months of each other. I will definitely let you know. Hugs.

  2. Hi Madame Seaqueen,
    I LOVE this post! I, too, have used Lenormand to find things. I use Piatnik because as an artist, I think they are good universal illustrations of the symbol’s image (even though I put more emphasis on the symbol ) and they will give visual description in addition to a “Lenormand word” description. I once needed the help of a Notary Public and was new to the neighborhood. The cards gave me:
    The closest notary was a married older woman (RING SNAKE) who was also a manager (BEAR) at the bank, and was very friendly with a warm smile (DOG). The thing that stuck out psychically in these cards was the RING MOON SNAKE. She was wearing a large sapphire pendant around her neck! I couldn’t have asked for a better description.

    I have stopped trying to decipher other readers throws a short time ago as I think each reader’s language is slightly different. But I have seen MOON ANCHOR describe a mirror or a reflective, shiny object. (Of course it could also be where you work daily). Now when I got that description of the notary, I didn’t use the 5 card layout you used here- I just asked for a description of who the notary was that could help me that day nearby. I am afraid to attempt any deciphering of your 5 card layout.;)
    Hope you find it soon! Sounds like a fantastic book!

  3. P.S. If I were to read your throw above as if it were my Piatnik deck, I would want to know if you could have locked it in or around your car (Cross Horseman, Anchor Horseman; perhaps the trunk or a box in the trunk- Coffin) or stored it in a box in the garage or basement, (where you might store a bike). The Coffin is tricky here! Do you work with someone who could have moved it and put it away, forgetting to tell you about it? See, reading them this way (out of context of your intended throw) doesn’t work well, IMHO.

  4. Hi: Thanks for your comments. I will keep in mind all your helpful tips. I forgot about the Moon card as reflections I was looking at shadows which is the same thing in a sense. I really think the Moon card holds the answer. It also means memories (more of a Tarot take on the High Priestess). I will remember but I hope I remember how to read Slovenian LOL

    • Ha! Lol.
      Yeah- reading it the Line of 5 way isn’t right. Moon is definitely your card. Good luck finding it! It sounds like a really great book to keep in the family 🙂 Maybe you will be posting some gems from it in the future 😉

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