Asking Lenormand for relationship advice

I use the following 5 card layout quite often when posing direct questions to a variety of decks. Or maybe I use this layout to discover an answer which the cards want me to find. 🙂

5 card layout for any deck of cards

5 card layout for any deck of cards

Magisches Lenormand

Magisches Lenormand

A friend of mine wanted to know if she should take a current long time association with a male from her past and bring it to another level as in a “relationship”.

Tip: the way I remain objective when Reading cards for people close to me with rather serious questions like this one is – I read the cards. Now, this may sound like a dumb thing to say but it really isn’t. Let me explain. I don’t look for anything specific to either help or hinder the person asking the question in the initial analysis. How I phrase my findings is where I think about what I’m going to say. There is no need to be a jerk when giving someone less positive interpretations.  It is always good practice to leave the person on a “high” because there is certainly some positive things to say or to say as a result of some challenging situation. Besides that there is always a chance the person will surprise you and prove your findings wrong.  

Here’s a quick summary of the 5 Lenormand cards in relation to this question.

Right away the FOX+GENTLEMAN sent a red flag.  The dark side of clouds facing the STORK card’s playing card inset Queen of Hearts sends the message the ties with a female of the past are still on this man’s mind.  The lady asking the question is not seeing the involvement of the Queen of Hearts whose influence is camouflaged in the Stork card.

If you are using a deck with no playing card insets you would not see this multi-level influence. You would also not see the King of Clubs in the CLOUDS card.  Since this card falls into the spot of what the lady already knows about the man. Her perception of him is that he is witty and a good communicator since clubs can rule the communication field.

The ANCHOR card could be a work situation but it could also imply this guy is still trying to work through his problems of the past.  The STORK card does bring changes but these changes are not positive (dark clouds) to the lady asking the question.  I see this as excess baggage.

If you mirror the ANCHOR and GENTLEMAN card which I don’t use in this layout but it can be done, this man is a solid personality perhaps to the point where he isn’t fond of change.

Does this mean the man is a bad person for the lady asking the question. Well, I wouldn’t trust him not just yet.  Sometimes people run away from their problems into the arms of another person who ends up sweeping the dust to get a clear picture. Make sense?

In the advice spot of this layout sits the FOX card. This card as stand alone advice is to be “smart” and not seduced by the silver-tongued fox as they say. Coupled with the GENTLEMAN card this card lends to the personality of the man. Is he totally trustworthy? I think he will do what is necessary to protect himself and not hurt someone intentionally. Sometimes it’s a matter of the fittest surviving for the sake of surviving.  

Is there anything positive in this Reading? The GENTLEMAN falls last in the result spot of the Reading. It’s totally up to him whether this connection goes further. Does he want a relationship with the lady? I think it can be a playful connection as the FOX energy does contain playfulness although you may not read it that way. There is an element of caution.

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