Gipsy draw- jealousy+letter

Jealousy + Letter Hungarian Gipsy cards

Jealousy + Letter Hungarian Gipsy cards

I really like this deck and at the time of writing this post I was not able to locate the accompanying Hungarian handbook with the Author/Artist’s name. The card images are used to demonstrate a few tips on how to combine these 2 cards.

The first card JEALOUSY speaks of a situation or person who secretly harbours feelings of jealousy. The fellow in the background standing by the tree has no real expression. I think he is only observing the couple in front him who are embracing in a loving hug.  This couple is not hiding their feelings for each other. They are quite open or so it seems. Maybe they thought no one was looking in this neck of the woods.  

The second card LETTER is always neutral energy. This card is influenced by its neighbouring cards which add positive or negative meanings to the content of the “letter”.  As a 2 card draw it is most likely the person who has selected these cards will be receiving information in regards to the JEALOUSY card. At this point it is unclear in what way the news will affect the person pulling these cards. 

Assuming that we are not asking about someone else/situation (and we all do) I would have to say the news could be laced with some innuendos or accusations. Who is the guilty one? The couple or the man beside the tree. Maybe this man is longing for the woman and has never let her know his feelings.

I do not see the JEALOUSY card as malicious betrayal. In fact it’s quite innocent. Now, if the MISFORTUNE card was chosen instead of the LETTER card then we have a real problem with possible dangers. For now all seems more light-hearted.

Is the news in the LETTER card a confession?

3 thoughts on “Gipsy draw- jealousy+letter

  1. Beautiful cards!!! I think it’s confession from man in a background, but it’s too late for him! thank you Madam Seaqueen!

  2. I’ve been read in the book “Gypsy cards in the new light” writen by 2 serbian fortune tellers that Jealousy followed by Letter can mean :you read somebody elsee’s documents; worry for a document; doubts about the arrival of a mail; an outburts of jealousy calms down; making up after cheating

    • Hello: We all have different perceptions of Cartomancy. I feel whatever meanings you resonate with which are the most comfortable then they are correct for you. It is important to develop your own style of understanding and to use other people’s insights only as a guide. I follow my intuition when I write posts. I enjoy working the psychic muscles. Staying too rigid doesn’t allow room to explore. Cartomancy meanings are between you, the cards’ images, few core concepts and your imagination. When you put all that together you have your own Cartomancy personality. btw Thanks for your comment. Seaqueen

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