Tips on remembering some Lenormand Card numbers

Dust Bunny Lenormand images reproduced with kind permission from Marcia McCord.

You may find that #20 Garden and #22 Path get confused when trying to remember the numbering sequence in the Lenormand cards. Also, #26 Book and #27 Letter.

Featured in today’s post is the Dust Bunny Lenormand © 2012 by Marcia McCord.

26. The Book

26. The Book

Isn’t that the most adorable image in the Book card.  The best way to remember that the Book card is #26 is simple but requires a little math in your head :).  2+6 = 8 which is an even number.  The alphabet letter “B” is an even number as it is the 2nd letter of the alphabet.  To me, this card can add profound depth in combinations which I will detail in another post.

27. The Letter

27. The Letter

Another real cute image to represent the Letter card. There is a softness to this energy.  2+7 = 9 which is an odd number.  If you remember the Book #26 then you will automatically know the Letter card belongs to 27. I wouldn’t mind getting a letter from these kitty cats.

20. The Garden

20. The Garden

The Garden card can be remembered by the “0” in the number “20”. The zero represents circle of the public community which is one of it’s associations. I will be doing a reading with the Dust Bunny Lenormand in another post. I think this deck adds a very gentle level to the Lenormand deck.

22. The Path

22. The Path

The Path card should be easy to remember as it represent choices and decision. Usually there is a choice between 2 directions. Also, this card does imply “2” of something in the broadest sense. The image gives the feeling a selection has been made.  2 directions, 2 of something = 22.

My little fun exercise may not make sense to you 🙂 but it did help me to memorize the numbering sequence.  Maybe you have a better idea?

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