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I was reviewing all the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten card posts I’ve done since 2006 and noticed I did not have a full review of the MONEY card. In the image below is the MONEY card from the Art Deco fortune telling deck, Zigeuener Wahrsagekarten & Biedermeir decks. The b/w image is from a vintage deck I received as a gift from Slovenia in the 1970’s before mass colour reproduction of the Zigeuner deck. This particular deck is numbered. I have no idea who the publisher is because I received them wrapped in a silk scarf with a few sheets of Slovenian meanings from my aunt which I treasure.

There are Money Cards in most Sibilla decks & the spirit of the card is abundance.

Gipsy money Card
The MONEY card is positive energy.

The Art Deco money card (bottom left) image shows a beautiful, slender, long haired half clad lady oozing bills and coins (or nuggets) from her hands. One cannot help but feel abundance. There is a sense of financial freedom within this card. The lady’s left breast is exposed. Nakedness is usually associated with honesty. It also means not to be ashamed of the wealth the card could bring. I like this image because it has no restrictions within it other than falling over the stack of coins and bills.   🙂  

The Biedermeir money card (bottom right) image has a chest full of gold nuggets, bags of money, a red money purse, an open bag with nuggets spilling on the floor. On the table is a book with records of certain amounts of money. Even the lower shelf on the left side of the picture has a money bag with books on the upper shelf. Notice that the scales are not even. Maybe these scales are used to weigh the nuggets and put them into the small bags seen on the table. Money is everywhere. One thing to note is that this is money accounted for and even though there is lots the books have records.

The Zigeuner (+ b/w version, top left #32) money card (top right) image show a large jewelry box with a few necklaces hanging out. There is a big bag of money on the table although this is assumed. Also, there is a stack of bills and some coins on the table.  This image doesn’t feel as abundant as the Art Deco version. Are there more items in the jewelry box?  The Zigeuner card reveals value in jewelry as well which the other money cards don’t. Is this significant? I think so. One of these necklaces is made from round bead probably rubies. There is no key anywhere to this box suggesting there isn’t the control as felt with the Biedermeir money card (record books).

The reason I went into detail about the images is because even though this card means money, things of value and financial abundance is because the imagery on this card will give additional clues in your interpretation. I get different feelings from all three cards and yet the core meaning is tangible benefits.   

When coupled with other cards we can see how this energy is being used or abused. When you hold on to money too tightly the energy stagnates & prevents further abundance from reaching you. If you are too loose with your money the natural energy can’t keep up with the quick flow that fast so you can deplete the energy quickly. If you have more than enough money giving some away will make room for more. If you seem to be running out of money all the time then part of this is connected to your belief system. Change your attitude towards money and your money situation will change.

In the Zigeuner deck the open side of the jewelry box facing the Sweetheart or Lover card can suggest the flow of money. The closed side of the jewelry box facing these 2 Significator cards can indicated delays before getting the money. The same would be true for the Biedermeir money card. The Art Deco money card is open on both sides of the image – equally.

What do you see in the MONEY cards?


One thought on “MONEY card

  1. You have been very productive. I’m a little jealous about this productivity. I like the lady with all the money, because it’s so fitting for the Law of Attraction and I like the one with the desk because to me it suggests business dealings coming to fruition. Ofcourse the other cards in the reading will have to be taken into account. And the top one with the chest is probably more neutral, but feels slightly more negative. I get a feeling of hoarding money, instead of abundance and sharing of wealth. But also here it’s important to see the surrounding cards. Love your site and postings!

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