Ace of Diamonds. Letter/Business Letter.

Featuring the  © 1979 Grimaud The Book of Destiny (Le Livre du Destin), 32 Cards and the Sibilla Oracle Cards (Sibilla Indovina), 52 cards, © 2000 Lo Scarabeo.

Ace of Diamonds. Letter.

Ace of Diamonds. Letter/Business Letter

The Ace of Diamonds seems pretty consistent throughout several decks depicting a letter or a business letter as the case is in the 34 year old Book of Destiny deck by Grimaud which is in my collection. In the image (the lower 2 cards) we see a postman.

These 2 postmen appearing in the cards both are sporting top hats. Both wear dress coats popular in the late 1800’s. Both of them hold a letter. In the Book of Destiny image there is a male in the background reading a letter or document. In the Sibilla Oracle deck the postman is handing a letter to a male who looks like he hasn’t shaved in days. His letter has a red seal on the back of the envelope (could be important news or notification). He look down trodden as he peers through his window. Maybe he is in jail?

The Ace of Diamonds has a long time association with a letter, document or important correspondence. At least there is some agreement among Cartomancers on this Ace. In Skat card meanings the Ace of Diamond is loosely linked to the Tarot Ace of Pentacles.

“Adiamonds.jpg An increase of money is shown. (Whenever my mom drew the Ace of Diamonds from the Skat deck which I have now she’d go to bingo & win).  Coupled with court cards it describes a person that is intelligent and one who will have connections in the work force.” My mom’s dream meanings/cartomancy were passed down to her from her Slovenian /Hungarian ancestors hence to me.

There is a different feeling, though, with these two cards from my perspective.  The postal satchels appear in similar style unlike the postal messenger bags from these days.  Being a postman was an important job in those days. The men carry themselves with more respect. They aren’t listening to an iPod (not that there’s anything wrong with being entertained as you walk for countless hours) as now-a-days.

When these cards appear in a Reading I tend to place more significance on what type of written word  is being delivered.  Sure it could be a text or email if you want to bring traditional meanings into this age of technology. Getting with the times is good. Maybe you feel like I do and deep down inside you are just an old fashioned fortune teller like me. 🙂

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