Lenormand Cross in Astrology layout

The following is a partial re-post from the Aug 17, 2006 post I created. My main reason for this is because the formatting is off on that particular post. I was experimenting with the limited WordPress templates available in 2006. Now, there is a huge selection. WTG WordPress. (also, autosave is fantastic especially during this current Mercury retro 🙂

The CROSS card will mean different things to you partially based on your own belief system on the symbol of the cross. The traditional association with this card seem to indicate hardships. In other posts I have compared the CROSS card to the Tarot 10 of Wands.  

Image reproduced with E. Zebrowski's permission

Image reproduced with E. Zebrowski’s permission

Featuring the Lenormand de Marseilles Cross card created by Edmund Zebrowski.

Let’s suppose you did an Astrology layout. Plain and simple you shuffle the cards, cut them in your own method and lay out 12 cards starting with House 1 (far left side of the circle). The great thing about these simple phrases is that they applicable to questions which are related to the theme of the 12 Houses.

Simple phrases…

House 1-you project yourself to the world as someone who has had much pain and suffering.

House 2-you are struggling to make ends meet. Money is tight.

House 3- Most forms of communication have a tinge of melancholy.

House 4- Sadness comes into your home.

House 5- fate takes a hand in games of chance.

House 6- you have to work harder for the same pay.

House 7- you enter a Karmic relationship

House 8- you experience sexual problems.

House 9- Long distance travel not by choice.

House 10- closure in career direction

House 11- you meet a friend and have a feeling of deja vu.

House 12- you are connected with a church.

There certainly is more information and each house has rulership over many more areas than I mentioned. Those of you that are Astrologically inclined will be able to derive other meanings. If you take each of the 36 cards and know a couple of keywords (understand the spirit of the card) you will be able to come up with your own short little phrases.

*The Lenormand card are in the eyes of the Beholder*

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