5 Card Lenormand Layout for Lady N.

5 card layout created in 2008

featuring Magisches Lenormand

featuring Magisches Lenormand

In the 5 card layout reading seen in the above image I am featuring the beautiful Magisches Lenormand. Normally, I only draw 5 cards since it is called a 5 card layout. ūüôā I had a feeling I should add another row of 5 cards to gain another level of understanding.
This is a Reading for Lady N. When I offer an en gratis reading I usually like to do a post on it as it does take time to do Readings. Plus I like sharing my process. Maybe you will learn something … maybe not. There was no question asked but I did ask the cards to offer some guidance for this female which she might find useful.

I have used this layout with the Tarot, Gipsy cards, Pages of Shustah, Lenormand and some other decks. I like it’s simplicity. ¬†However, this is the first time I’ve added a whole row of 5 cards. It’s always best to follow one’s intuition in Cartomancy. ¬† ūüôā

Card #1 Basis. This 1st spot is usually the energy around a question and since there was no question asked I’ll have to explore the card which fell here. ¬†The RIDER would be a situation approaching Lady N. Since the CHILD card crosses it the feeling is it will be something totally new which Lady N. is not aware of currently. Is it bad? Well, we can’t tell yet. ¬†Let’s assume it’s good until proven wrong down the row of cards.¬†

Card #2 What You Know. This spot could be something that’s going on already. The MOON is traditionally associated with honour and recognition. I lean towards “feelings” or even sometimes “shadows”. ¬†When I study the RING card I am tempted to use recognition because I sense there is an awareness of some sort with an ongoing cycle. I do feel that Lady N is coming out of a particular cycle where her feelings are concerned. The RING card could suggest a re-commitment to herself. ¬†In other words, Lady N. should trust her own intuition about a lot of things. Let’s move on to see how all this will play out. ¬†

Card #3 What You Are Not Seeing. Here we find the SHIP card crossed by the KEY card.  There are associations of travel with the Ship card as well as a bunch of other meanings. I want to read the Ship card to mean that Lady N. might be overlooking an opportunity to travel which I do believe is also part of the solution.  Lady N. could get an invitation which she is ignoring or not seeing as this spot of the layout is called. It could very well be that she is not even aware of this yet because the RIDER + CHILD is promising something refreshing is coming. The reason I am saying this is because there is a lack of negative cards in the layout with the exception of the WHIP card which is not completely bad either.

Card #4 Advice To Follow. The cards are suggesting that Lady N. may need to fight for something or with someone.  There could be bantering (the WHIP) with or about a friend (the DOG). On another level I want to read this duo as a young man who will be of great assistance to Lady N. She should follow his advice when the time comes.

Card #5 The Result. ¬†In the outcome spot sits our Lady N. This is a very strong message. A lot of things which are or will be going on lie in the hands of this female. She is in more control of her future than she gives herself credit for. ¬†The LETTER card is crossing her. Is she waiting for some news or decision? ¬†Does she need approval? I’m sure that whatever message is within the Letter card Lady N. will handle it quite well.

I am really drawn to the Key card for some reason. ¬†One of the meanings of this card is success. ¬†The cards are suggesting that Lady N. needs to strengthen her confidence¬†and trust that everything will turn out in her highest good. One other thing Lady N. should know which is revealed by the Dog card is that a certain friend who may challenge her at times is truly devoted to her. ¬†I see this as a positive reading. If Lady N. was sitting across from me right now I would ask her if she had any questions (of course). Dialoguing with the person getting the Reading is very important. It’s a nice way to conclude the session.

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