French Vintage Stamp Love Oracle by Kelly Isara

I really do love introducing new writers,  artists and fellow Cartomancers and sharing information for others to read.  I am in total support of bringing the Cartomancy community together from all over the world. Even if many of us do not speak the same language we do understand Cartomancy.



French Vintage Stamp Love Oracle – created by Kelly Isara

French Vintage Stamp Love Oracle

Image reproduced with permission

This oracle deck system has been created to answer important questions close to the heart. Love is a universal force, which creates hope, faith, and sadly heartache at times as we walk our spiritual path. If we can navigate our love connections better, we might discover more happiness and fulfilment. The French Vintage Stamp Love Oracle can help you!

Not everyone may want to use a psychic/ card reader even though that experience can be enjoyable and helpful. Some of us at times wish to ask questions about love one on one with ourselves. This deck offers inspiration to those who want to discover their own love guidance and answers.

I, myself had wanted to have a deck I could use that would just answer simple love questions (even though I am a skilled psychic reader to others). Is this relationship having a future? Will the person call? Is this the end? Most card readers know it is hard to read for one self. The French Vintage Stamp Love Oracle helps with that.  Its simple enough to use to gain insight on your own issues without too much ‘ interpretation’. This deck is perfect whether you are familiar with  oracle /card decks or have never picked one up before.

I also wanted a simple deck anyone could use with little knowledge of using any kind of card system cards. I have never come across a love deck in market as simple or easy as this love deck to reveal love answers.

The way I created the deck came about from the hand written notes on a love deck many years ago… and had I kept them. For a long time I didn’t have the technical knowledge or resources to put it all together.

This year the planets aligned and I found some resources that made sense to me to use. And so I created the cards .. it sounds simple but until this year knowing how to wasn’t so easy.

Image reproduced with permission

The booklet was written for ease and use of cards to give some guidance to help you get the best use out of them. By reading the booklet on the card meanings / spreads, how to phrase a question (tips), using the cards in basic past, present & future layouts or deciding between options of a situation you will have a good understanding.

The cards each have unique symbols and meanings that help understand the nature of love. Also, how to handle some of the uncertainties & delays we can experience with love issues.

Example: Someone might have stepped back from their lover, but may not mean it’s over.  Or that sometimes there is no more for you to do, but to relax letting the universe take over by helping through intervention in your particular issue. …

I try to provide alternate ways of thinking about love and ways to deal with love. These kinds of issues are addressed in some of card messages. There is also a clear yes and clear no in this deck to help answer questions.  It’s possible to use one card, two cards or three card past/ present/ future spreads.

Here is simple two card combination message 

Fondness and Making Music

Image reproduced with permission

Image reproduced with permission

Fondness card says – tender soft feelings exist between you. Gently honor the energy.

Making Music card says  – making or sharing sweet music is what harmonises this love.

“The message here is that with some soft gentle energy, of fondness sweet music is the answer or will help with your love issue.”

“If its start of new love relationship, the message is possibly music will be, the ‘glue’ to help bond and bring you to together. Closer in your connection to each other.”

“It can also mean maybe you share same kind of passion for certain style of music or even are musicians. Or that you notice, the same song over and over each time you switch radio on, the lyrics are answers to guidance on your love query.”

“The fondness represents to be gentle the energy is fragile. It’s not to be hurried or forced. Things are still developing and to be sensitive.”

“Keep an open mind about what your question on love is and how the cards are speaking to you about it. The booklet will help unfold more added meanings.”


Who is Kelly Isara?

Kelly Isara is successful psychic reader and intuitive healer. She offers practical yet insightful guidance through her readings.

Located in beautiful Australia, Kelly has been consulting over last 13 years. Her talents range from being a Reader, writer of horoscope column’s for publication, participation in radio shows and providing her readings at events & spiritual expos.

Kelly has read for clients successfully worldwide, with positive results and predictions.  She is available in person, email and by phone. Her ability to read energy accurately and as a channel produces some of  the best predictions.

Kelly wanted to encourage others to empower themselves by finding their own answers. This is one of the main reasons she is sharing her knowledge in the lovely French Vintage Stamp Love Oracle.  


You can purchase this deck at the following link ETSY as well as a few other decks like the

Vintage Stamp Lenormand.

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