Timing in Tarot Cartomancy

Timing in Cartomancy can be done. The future is fluid and changes with the choices we make in the now or decisions of the past that unfold in the future. Often I have given (not shy to share) time frames only to find out I was out by 6 months or even a year. One time when I was a young Cartomancer I predicted an event which at the time was considered absolutely wrong for the then current set of circumstances but came true 5 years later. I saw bulldozers on the large piece of land turning it into a parking area. A few years after that the building/business was sold and the new owner demolished all buildings turning it into a parking lot.  This business employed about 1500 people. Needless to say I was in high demand for readings as many people worried about securing other jobs.

What was it that I saw in this lady’s reading to make such a bizarre prediction? I remember that I was doing a rather large layout using 35 Tarot cards.  I saw her unemployed which was confirmed by the cards. The rest was a vision of some sort I had or maybe my Inner voice described the vision to me because I more Clairaudient than Clairvoyant. Visions do come in words and not always as images.

I know the lady had 3 Aces in the reading and the last card was the Tower in the surprise spot of the layout. The Major Arcana can be read as a long-range influence if it’s in a spot depicting “the unexpected”.  The Ace of Pentacles was missing which told me there would be some issues with new financial undertakings.

There are several ways to determine timing:

  • time associated with the card; days, weeks, months, years, seasons, etc.
  • time associated with suits
  • time assigned to a layout
  • time assigned to a position in the layout
  • time suggested by an image in the cards
  • time felt intuitively

2 thoughts on “Timing in Tarot Cartomancy

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