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I’ve had a long time passion for cloth dolls and have a huge selection of international cloth dolls. At a recent Psychic Fair I met a very lovely lady, Klara. She had a table next to mine featuring her dolls, doing a variety of readings and offered some other really cool items. I just could not stop admiring the mystical and magical doll collection Klara had on display. I am ordering a fortune-telling doll from Klara, in the likeness of Madame Seaqueen, of course. (chuckling to myself)  Meeting Klara was a treat as well as some of the other vendors as well which I hope to write about over the next few weeks.

—> I just had to add the image below after I already uploaded this post. Click the image of the wonderful doll and you will be linked to Klara’s Facebook Page.

Image reproduced with permission

Image reproduced with permission

Klara  originated from  Toronto ON, and has been a hair stylist in London, for 9 years.  She also does Tarot Card Readings both private and at Psychic Fairs, dabbles in Mixed Media Art pieces, but when you ask her about her true passion……It is designing one- of- a- kind Art Dolls in cloth.  Her repertoire includes everything whimsical from mischievous Cats to Green men to Good Luck Fairies. Each doll is handmade with all natural materials and love.  She then hand paints them in an animated style that is all hers. Each doll has a unique personality all of its own.  Just have a look; they will stare right at you.

                         “Be good to your faeries and they will be good to you” 


Meet Klara and her Dolls

Image reproduced with permission

Image reproduced with permission

 Meet some more of the Dolls.

Image reproduced with permission

Image reproduced with permission

I was gifted with the adorable bunny that you see in the image below for my grand babies but decided to keep it myself, lol.  It looks so comfy in my fortune-telling tea-cup set.

by Klarity Designs

by Klarity Designs

If you would like to contact Klara pls send me an email & I will gladly forward it to her.

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