Oracle of the Radiant Sun cards – study example

I really enjoy playing around with the Oracle of the Radiant Sun cards © 2002 by Caroline Smith & John Astrop.  Those of you with little Astrological background can learn a lot in a short time about this system ( signs, planets, houses etc.) I like doing readings doing the Astrological Houses or Zodiac Wheel using all kinds of decks like the Lenormand, Tarot, Shustah and regular playing cards and so on. My Astrology background stretches back into the ’70’s when I did charts long hand – no push of the enter button & voila instant chart 🙂

Today I want to demonstrate how to read a certain month of the Astrological layout by detailing the card which fell into the House (month).  I wanted more information about the single card so I drew 4 more cards each one representing a week within the month (as per instructions in the accompanying book). The reason for this was to get a better idea of how to handle the specific energy of the card in question.

The card in question is DOMINATION. Mars in Sagittarius. Month of July. House 4.


The Domination card speaks of some sort of pressure either be applied from other people or by the person getting the reading. The advice from the book is for the person to step back from a situation to be able to see the “truth” of it. There could be some sort of argument within the month of July because of a difference of ideas.

4 weekly cards

4 weekly cards

Week 1: Sun in Cancer Resourcefulness. 1st left card.  This card reveals family occasions, reunions and paternal connections. Family background will play an important role.
Week 2: Mercury in Aquarius Originality. 2nd left card. This card suggest the male should find a new approach with a situation surrounding him at the time. Within the Originality card is unexpected energy which could involve a shocking announcement.
Week 3: Saturn in Capricorn Riches. 2nd right card. This card indicates some sort of conclusion to a financial issue. There could be some tying up of loose ends.
Week 4: Mars in Gemini Decision. 1st right card. This card could imply that some quick decision needs to be made after an argument.  There could be a disagreement over a contract or some form of written document.

The 4 Week Cards provide some background as to what could happen to induce the energy of the Domination card which is the ruling card for the Month of July. The person might find himself in the middle of some debate where he will fight for what he believes in and may not care what other people think. The other party involved will have equal strength so there may be a Mexican stand- off as they say.  

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