Romani Tarot in Astro Houses 1, 2 & 12

The image you see below belongs to a full 12 House layout featuring Ray Buckland’s Romani Tarot cards.  I decided to illustrate only 3 Houses as it would take several posts to do a full reading and I do want to cover other decks from my collection. You can purchase this deck from Galde Press, Lakeville, Minnesota which is less expensive than some other websites.

The Astro Houses layout or Zodiac wheel is great to do when you want to cover all the bases in a general reading. Although, I don’t think it’s that general because the cards which you use in the Houses will tell a specific story. Sorry about the blurry image but I had to stand on a chair to get the image for the entire layout. My hands must have been shaking from my fear of heights  :). The image below is cropped to only show House 12 – top card, House 1- card to the left and House 2- bottom card.


CARD #1 in House 1 (far left of image). 10 of Bolers (10 of Pentacles)

House 1 generally represents the person’s state of mind or the circumstances surrounding him/her.  The 10 of Bolers represents a prosperous family or lineage much like the 10 of Pentacles. Here we can see the person of the reading thinking about his roots to his immediate family.

CARD #2 in House 2 (bottom right). 4 of Koros (4 of Cups)

House 2 is associated with one’s values and can reflect the person’s financial situation. The 4 of Koros suggests a bland attitude towards anything which has a monetary value.  Obviously, money is not that important most likely because of the 12 house issue.

CARD #12 in House 12 (upper right). 3 of Chivs ( 3 of Swords)

House 12 represents that which is hidden or behind the scenes. I like to dub it as a house of secrets. The 3 of Chivs suggests this person is hiding some real pain they have experienced because of a personal “ego” attack.

When you go around the entire astrological wheel of cards you can determine this person’s career/work situations, love, partnerships, community connections and so on.

I usually place a card in the center to see what energies are at play within this reading. The center card does represent opportunities and challenges. It’s a good idea to refer to the 13th card from time to time.  In this case, the center card is 8 of Koshes (8 of Wands)

8 of Koshes Romani Tarot

If you look closely at the way the wands/sticks are placed on the ground (above image) you will that there are no obstacles in the formation of the wands. You could run through quickly without much resistance. There is an easy passage available to the person getting the reading done. No matter if there are challenging cards in the other Houses some how this person will be quick on their toes, recognize problems and solve them because they are prepared.

According to the accompanying book’s description of the image the formation of the sticks are for a bender tent. The center post with the drilled holes and tarpaulin lie on the ground illustrating one of the meanings – preparation.

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