Happy Father’s Day

Remembering my dear father on this Father’s Day.  

A father protects his family. 

A father accepts responsibilities.


A father shares the emotion of Love.

Take some time today to remember your father. Spend some time with your father either by talking to him or taking him out on this special day. Many of you will be going to the cemetery today to pay your respects as I will. Some of you will look at pictures.

When you look in the mirror … see your father looking back at you through your own eyes.

Fatherhood has changed over the decades. Father’s these days get more involved in raising children and they make the time to attend those special school events. Fathers become your friend and advisor as you get older. This is what I miss about my own dad.

If your memories of your father are not pleasant please forgive him and know that he did the best that he was capable of doing under the circumstances of the time, his own childhood background and his financial position of his life.

If your father was absent from your life either emotionally or through distance – forgive him and send him loving energy.  If you did not know your biological father hug the man who raised you.

from Me to You

I Love You Dad

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