reading Gipsy cards in the Trigger row

As I probably mentioned before my love affair with the Gipsy cards (Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten, Ciganske Karte) began in 1970 when I was first exposed to them by a fortune telling relative in Slovenia.

Often when doing the 12 card Trigger Layout I pull the Significator card and place it in the You spot of the reading. Today, I decided just to shuffle and see what card fell in the YOU spot as this would show me what I should focus on or study in relation to the rest of the cards. The only thing on my mind was the pain I was experiencing in my lower back. Yesterday, when I woke up I must have pulled a muscle getting out of bed, lol. Even if I wanted to attend the local Spiritual festival I could not have lasted 8 hours. My policy is never to read if I am not in good emotional or physical condition. Besides that I had a prior appointment I had to keep which is in a couple of hours.

1trigger layout

I must admit I was surprised to see the Enemy card in the YOU spot.  I’ve written about the Enemy card here & here and of course in many other posts in combinations. In lieu of my physical discomfort I want to read the Enemy card as the actual “stabbing pain in the back” I feel right now. The Enemy cards is associated with such experiences especially when you are betrayed by someone you trust. It can be a person or situation that does not have your best interest at heart.

triggerLayoutYOUspot The YOU spot of the Trigger Layout like I said, is usually reserved for the Lover (male) or Sweetheart (female) as those are the Significator cards in the Gipsy cards. In today’s post I want to study the cards falling in the Trigger row to keep the post at a reasonable length. When doing the Trigger Layout this row will give you a snapshot of the Reading. The other cards explain what lead up to the Trigger cards and reveal the results. All the 4 columns should flow when interpreting the 12 cards. I assigned no time frame but I usually want to know 6-8 weeks (in the Soon column).

The Trigger Row


Falseness, Enemy, Merriment, Fortune

In the passing column Falseness depicts a situation which can only be ascertained by the card above and below it which cannot be seen in the image. It’s in the past so it will expand on why certain things have happened. 

In the now column Enemy falls in the YOU spot which is detailed above.

In the immediate column Merriment shows improvements in a situation with happy results. Could be the elimination of this back pain and that would be a cause for celebration. The cards above and below Merriment need to be factored in for more detail. All in all, Merriment falls in a powerful spot as a Triggering energy.

In the soon column Fortune suggests “all’s well that ends well”. It is a highly positive energy.  Once again the other two cards need to be studied in relation to the Fortune card.

For example: if the card falling beneath the Fortune card is Loss does that deplete some of this good energy of the Fortune card. I think so. A little bit though.  Combining Fortune with Loss suggests possibly a lack of appreciation of the Fortune card’s blessings. 


Notice the horn of plenty contents are falling on the Loss card. This could mean a small calculated risk.  The two chaps in the Loss card know how to play the game. I think they just have a love of the game and aren’t too worried about who will win or who will lose. I am taking the cards out of the context of the whole reading but certain energies will still be there when the whole layout is studied.

8 thoughts on “reading Gipsy cards in the Trigger row

    • I designed it so because I don’t always want to do a GT or a 3 – 9 layout. It’s quite informational. I called it the Trigger row as in your other question about the Trigger card in the Romany layout it means kind of like a focal point. From feedback people have tried the Trigger layout and seem to like it 🙂

  1. Okay thanks. I’m really trying to learn the Romany layout. So many different variations. In some, the future is in the 6th and 7th column. In others it’s in the last row, the whole row. So, I am extremely confused as to which way to read future events/situations. I too like the idea of the spread as opposed to the GT or 3-9.

    • Hi Rhea,

      Traditionally, the top row is the PAST, middle row is the PRESENT and the bottom row is the FUTURE. I Romany layout I featured is the same the only difference is the past and future are either near or distant as the central column is used to determine this.

      When I say that each column has a past/present and future it is for the name of the column. It all works out to the same thing. Lets say you just read the top row as past without the names of the column you will still tell a story. By adding column categories your same story can be pinpointed. For example: the situation or opportunities and challenges.

      If you are more comfortable with the traditional Romany layout start with that and see if you can make a story out of the 7 cards in each row.
      Hope this helps. Seaqueen

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