Lenormand de Marseilles by Edmund Zebrowski

We have another really cool Lenormand deck created by artist Edmund Zebrowski. Take a look @ Lenormand de Marseilles. As with the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand you can have hours of fun exploring the multi-level meanings and incorporate them into your Readings.

Lenormand de Marseilles

Lenormand de Marseilles

The Bouquet:  Queen of Swords

I don’t think there is much difference between the Queen of Swords and the Queen of Spades (more common playing card inset).  Although,  I feel differently about other Court comparisons.  I happen to like both Queens maybe because I can identify with them so strongly. You may feel the same way whether male or female.  The Bouquet card blesses us with gifts, rewards and fondness. The spirit of the Bouquet card is backed up by the Queen of Swords.  You can be quite sure that she is genuine in her act of giving. Even when the Bouquet card is coupled with some of the negative cards, this Queen will defend the “spirit” of the Lenormand Bouquet associations. I would accept the blessings or even lessons of this card. Say thank you and move on…

I received this set as a gift recently.  Edmund was kind enough to grant me permission to feature this deck in my tutorial Lenormand handbook. I thought it would be a nice change to see the Tarot card insets versus the standard playing card insets as can be found in most decks.

Do you think the Tarot images would trigger other insights combined with the Lenormand images? I sure do. Personally, I favour the minor arcana to sport images in keeping with Pamela Coleman’s artwork although there is a system to the placement of the pentacles/swords/cups and wands in the Marseilles version. 

Many of you read the Lenormand Courts already but because of the myriad of meanings in playing cards it’s challenging, isn’t it?  The Tarot Courts definitely have a more clear boundary of meanings.

I’m sure Mlle Lenormand had a Tarot deck or at least was aware of the cards since Tarot was quite popular in Italy during the latter years of her life.   Lamperti (Milan) c.1820

The Lenormand de Marseilles is a delightful deck. For all of us Tarot & Lenormand lovers this deck brings the two systems together.  And why not? Cartomancy is in the eyes of the beholder.

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