Lenormand Snake, Fox, Dog & Gentleman in a sentence

The quoted paragraph below is from a post I did on the Lenormand Cards Community FB page.

FOX: I know I mentioned Fox & Gentleman before and I think this duo could mean “wrong” involvement with a male if you are a female doing the cards. Fox has other associations which are not flattering. Of course it depends on the surrounding cards as well and whether you are factoring the Lenormand Houses. But let’s suppose the Gentleman fell into the Fox House as well. I have found Fox to be a highly subtle influence which has seductive energy which is different from the Snake. Fox is loyal like the Dog. The difference being Dog’s loyalty is often blind. Fox can be loyal for the purpose of “fitting in”. Fox plays the game well & for this reason is labelled as “cunning”. I think the keyword “wrong” comes from this ability to camouflage it’s true intentions. These intentions aren’t always as deceptive as they appear. Bottom line: Gentleman falling in the Fox house (if you are a female) reveals just how “deep” the male is that you are probably involved with.

LeNormand ARLO snake, fox, dog

The Snake, Fox and Dog cards share some similar energy. Setting aside the traditional meanings for these cards the images will stir feelings within you based on your own experiences in life and religious background. I think it is important to remain open to the messages of these cards. Each card has a spirit as do the remainder of the Lenormand cards and for that matter any divination deck.  Keywords and key phrases are great for initial learning but there is more to interpretation than that. For example: when you are reading a sentence it consists of several parts. There are 4 main parts.

Let’s add the GENTLEMAN card to this little exercise. You can use your own adjectives, verbs and adverbs from what you know about the cards which is comfortable to you.

NOUN: the name.  Fox, Snake, Dog, GENTLEMAN

ADJECTIVE: one word description to GENTLEMAN

Observing Fox

Deceptive Snake

Loyal Dog

The observing Gentleman

The deceptive Gentleman

The loyal Gentleman

VERB: one word action following GENTLEMAN

Observing Fox pounced

Deceptive Snake meandered

Loyal Dog sat

The (adjective of card ) Gentleman pounced

The (adjective of card ) Gentleman meandered

The (adjective of card ) Gentleman sat

ADVERBS: description of action involving GENTLEMAN

Observing Fox pounced unexpectedly

Deceptive Snake meandered quietly

Loyal Dog sat obediently  

The Gentleman (verb of card) unexpectedly

The Gentleman (verb of card) quietly

The Gentleman (verb of card) obediently


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