Reading the Lenormand at Psychic fairs

My experience with the Psychic fair last weekend was very gratifying.  I met a number of vendors that had great energy. There were several card readers using a variety of different systems. I offered Lenormand readings. I created a board with the names of the complete deck and did House readings using all 36 cards. My board would have fit nicely on the long table I had but not so well on the little table behind the larger one. This was more private but my board was a little too big for the table, lol, but it was ok.  Next time I will bring a mini Lenormand or downsize the layout a bit.

In readings, you may have experienced yourself is that some people are unable to comprehend what you are saying to them. Either they are nervous or it just doesn’t register. 🙂   I was very specific when I said something to one person only to have them tell me they weren’t sure. Then a few minutes later telling me almost word for word what I had told them.  I thought about this later that night and wondered why it didn’t register when I did the actual prediction.  My sense of humour always comes into play at times like this.

For example: Ship above the Gentleman told me the young man was going on a long trip. I sensed him going over a very large body of water. The fact that the Park card was near told me he would be meeting a number of people on his travels.  Interestingly, in the Ship House sat the Dog card – a close friend and in the Park House sat the Mountain card. From this I read a friend would be joining this young man on a trip and that they would visit many scenic areas. I had a strong feeling it could be a mountainous area as well or an area which would include some physical explorations.

Before I tell you what the young man said I want to point out that the Lenormand cards do have core meanings but you will find that a lot depends on the connection you make with the person getting the reading. If you don’t connect your intuition will lead the way…….

This is the same young man that had no inkling about what I was talking about when I told him all this. This is the same young man that told me a few minutes later he was flying to Europe with his buddy and they planned to backpack throughout Europe.

I’d say that Lenormand was spot on in this prediction.  Getting back to why things don’t register right away with some people. I think they are slower to process what you are saying because yes, they are nervous and most importantly they are in some sort of awe they are sitting in front of a fortune teller.

As much as the Lenormand cards aren’t really considered as profound as the Tarot I am beginning to think they are but in a different way ,,,,, deep as far as storytelling 

I will be adding some posts about some special people I met and talk about their unique talents.  

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