Romani Tarot cards/book

I am re-printing half a dozen (maybe 10 copies) Lenormand handbooks from 2011 which was a little faster to do than complete the edits in the revised edition. While I was printing some flyers for the Lenormand workshop I will be offering in the summer,  I got a freaking paper jam. So I went outside for a bit of air and noticed the large package in the mailbox. Seeing the Royal postage I knew that my Romani Tarot cards romaniTarotbookand accompanying book had arrived. I have tried for several years to obtain the original printing of the deck and wasn’t prepared to pay the hefty prices I’ve seen on different websites.

I won’t do a full review on this post that will be saved for the other blog. Most likely I will get to it after the Psychic Fair commitment.  I must say that I was very annoyed when I could not remove the cards easily from the card box.  I had to open both sides of the box and gently push the cards through. There was no shrink-wrap on the actual cards but the box did have some.

I noticed there were 2 High Priestess and 2 Fool cards. Maybe these 2 additional cards created the tight squeeze. The card stock was thick but did not have the glide of the plastic coating which is very common on re-prints. I like the cards a little more to the matt side anyway.

The cards have no borders as you can see in the image below.

I really resonate with the gypsy scenes on these Tarot cards. I may take them to the Psychic fair as well in case someone is looking for a single question Reading – going with the flow on that one.   I shuffled the new deck and cleared it with my Herkimer quartz as they were in order already.  I will definitely be reading the accompanying book. 

I picked one card just for fun and lo and behold I selected #13 The Death card.

I know what the #13 card means but I still looked it up in the book in case there was a different “Buckland” slant to the meaning.  No surprises – the meaning is in keeping with what I know with the exception of “unexpected change”.

In a nutshell, the interpretation details some gypsy tradition associated with death which I’m sure they do not practice now, lol. Like the burning of the wagon (with the person in it) once someone passes. One very interesting point I got from the interpretation was that many changes are not noticeable. Transitions often are subtle and when you think about the past process of change (in hindsight) there were signs.  So, it’s better to “just step aside, don’t look back and go forward with your goals/plans”. If you feel regrets then you aren’t stepping aside. Easier said than done. Now, if I apply this advice to myself the advice makes good sense. With the anniversary of my mom’s passing on May 27th she is very much on my mind.

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