Tarot of Marseilles 1963

Last year I was gifted with a really nice vintage Tarot deck when a friend’s granny passed away. The deck was part of the estate. This deck is now 50 years old and in exceptional condition. 

The Tarot of Marseilles  deck consists of the standard 78 cards. They sport the name/year of publication 1963 on the side. (see Page of Pentacles below) I love the feel of the card stock of vintage decks. In comparison to the original Rider deck the cards are more slender.


I did a one card draw and selected the beautiful Ace of Cups. This card reminds me of a cathedral. In the bilingual (English and French) little white booklet, yes it is still in tact, the minor Arcana is given 2 Major Arcana combination meanings. Each suit is influenced by 2 Majors.  More on this deck at my other Cartomancy review blog at a later date.

The Ace of Cups on it’s own:  “Joy in intimacy. Useful conversations.”

Had I drawn the Hierophant: “vain hope”  or the World: “the consultant asserts himself and attracts sympathy”

Tarot of Marseilles 1963 backs




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