The Cards have attachments

As I’ve said in other posts the cards are a tool. If you don’t know how to use the tool how can you be effective? Keep in mind many tools have attachments. 

For example, let’s talk about the latest favourite dessert the Lenormand cards. They fulfill a task at hand like predicting the future, describing people and answering questions. There are attachments to the Lenormand cards like advanced techniques (knighting, diagonals, etc.) combinations and Houses. The Lenormand cards are a tool much the same as a Phillip’s screwdriver. For those of you who don’t know what this tool is I’ll explain. A Phillip’s screwdriver has different “bit” for different sized and shaped screws.  You as the Cartomancer needs to know which “bit” to use and when to use it.

This is where it gets interesting. Let’s say you are doing a Grand Tableau of the 36 Lenormand cards. Which “bit” do you start with?  Most Cartomancers begin with the Significator cards Lady or Gentleman. Many will decide before commencing the Reading if they will use advanced techniques and/or the Houses. More often that is decided during the Reading if additional information is needed. The cards themselves have several meanings.  Also, the traditional meanings can be altered to account for modern-day living.

Know your tool inside and out. Get acquainted with it and be aware of some of the limitations.

The only thing that would limit the Lenormand Tool is you or perhaps the person getting the Reading. If you don’t understand all the “attachments”  I’ve mentioned in the prior paragraphs you won’t be able to finish the task at hand successfully. When the person getting the Reading prevents you (for whatever reason) from using your tool effectively … reschedule the appointment.

5 thoughts on “The Cards have attachments

  1. Hello Madame S.,
    I recently had a discussion about reading for oneself. Do you think it is possible to get an accurate- or at least objective- reading when doing Lenormand for oneself?

    I have long heard that reading for oneself and friends isn’t advisable because we aren’t objective: we know too much about ourselves and themselves. Lenormand seems to be an anomaly to this belief as many readers seem to do daily’s or to read for themselves. Do you know why?
    Thanks so much 🙂

    • Hi Michele: Thanks for your question. I think the vote is split down the middle with doing your own/friends cards. Many people use the cards as a tool to gain perspective on their own process at the time. As far as being objective, if your Reader is in a sad mood (not physically evident) they aren’t objective either because their interpretation would come from a “sad” state of mind. Objectivity is a state of mind not influenced by emotions. Lenormands and other sibille style gossip cards are not deep. If I had a profound question I would as the Tarot although the Lenormand could provide some chit chat answers. I think when Reading for friends it’s best to focus on the now and future because most likely you know the past. Do I think it is possible to get an accurate Reading with the Lenormand for oneself – sure, because Lenormand cards aren’t deep so being on the objective path isn’t as challenging even if you are in a “sad, etc.” state of mind. What do you think?

  2. I think that is a great way of putting it! Lenormand is the only deck I really read, aside from the Doreen Virtue-type, which we can agree are kind of “fluffy.” Tarot never resonated with me- perhaps I should look at them again?- and I became fascinated with the symbolic language. (I am very visual). After asking you your opinion last night, I decided to write a post about whether or not they are objective. I have gotten some very surprising readings from them that wasn’t really in keeping with my mood, etc. One I posted in the article. The thing about that spread was that my brother is a beneficiary in my will. So I was asking one question in a general way that I felt to be mundane, but ended up getting a very different answer. It is at times like those that I wonder whether the way they are made (or the theories that they are based upon) lend to a degree of objectivity that a reader wouldn’t ordinarily get from something like Tarot. Mama Whodun wrote in a post I read from Andy’s old blog about thinking there might be a spirit or something attached to them…I can see why one would think that.

    As a rule, I don’t really do daily’s like a great many Lenny readers. I will, from time to time, ask about a situation I want insight about, however. Sometimes I find that only I know what the reality of the situation is when I have asked other readers about certain things. It is easy to read people cards (like BEAR) as things or verbs, (FINANCES; AGRESSION) when really they are people, and vice versa. And I’ve also had the experience in reverse, where another reader got something that because I was subjective, I couldn’t see properly. I’ve had both things happen so for me, I prefer now to have a reader do my Tarot so that I can’t impose my own knowledge. LOL!

    • Hi again: I would love to read your post. If you have a website link let me know so I can add it to the Card Lovers Community Directory. Probably Lenormand’s spirit is connected to her name and with so many people saying the name and reposting her pictures I’m sure she is watching over us 🙂

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