snapshot Lenormand Houses interpretation

In the image you will see a snapshot of a portion of the Grand Tableau layout or as I like to call it the Full Board reading.  I am going to discuss only 4 actual cards in 4 of the Lenormand Houses. I drew a little sketch for better viewing versus uploading the entire layout I have before me.  I am using the LeNormand ARLO deck that I have cropped rounding off the corners.

lenormand houses snapshot

House of Clouds #6 – The Bouquet/Flowers 

House of Snake #7 – The Lady

House of Fox #14 – The Child 

House of Bear #15 – The Tower

I want to mention that I randomly selected these Houses. On the layout before me there are cards in House of Tree and House of Star.  The intention of today’s tutorial post is to demonstrate how to understand the Houses. There are more advanced techniques in Reading the Full Board layout but let’s keep it simple. Of course, there is the traditional merging of meanings with cards side by side.

Since the Readings begin with Significator cards (Lady or Gentleman) if a Category theme is not used let’s first study Lady X.

SNAKE HOUSE:  Lady X can be described by the meanings of the Snake House. There are both positive and negative associations with the meanings.  As a positive energy Lady X is pretty smart in other words she is not the type of person who can be easily fooled. On the negative side Lady X will use any means to her disposal to achieve her aims. She is quite determined. Don’t forget that the playing card inset of the Queen of Clubs could represent another female.

However, Lady X  does have a little problem which can be seen in the Clouds House.

CLOUDS HOUSE :  As you may know the Clouds House has confusing energy. There is a lack of clarity. Most Lenormand decks have the King of Clubs playing set inset.  You can use the Clouds House to represent a male most likely in the business world. It’s up to you. The Bouquet card/Queen of Spades falls in the Clouds House. The energy of this card is positive even if you factor in the traditional wicked old Queen, lol. She is the bearer of a gift, token of appreciation or some sort of praise.

You should be experiencing some insights right about now? The interpretative process should have started much like watching a ping pong game. Back and forth with the possible resulting prediction.  Lady X seems to be troubled by some gesture coming from the Bouquet/Queen of Spades.

FOX HOUSE: This house often reveals some work situation. It can also suggest something that is wrong. The Child/Jack of Spades falls in this spot. Some of the meanings of the Child are new beginnings, lack of experience or immaturity. The Jack of Spades often has a bad reputation but I think his initial intensions are pure. He is a little wet behind the ears.

I want to read the Child in the Fox House to indicate a possible error in judgement due to insufficient information. This will tie in with the Clouds House of confusion.

BEAR HOUSE: I like to read Bear as a self empowerment energy. It can also be a powerful influence on Lady X coming from the Tower Card.  Many Cartomancers associate money to the Bear or that it represents an older helpful man.  When you study the Tower in the Bear House you should get the feeling that it is a situation of vital importance.  The Tower often suggests separation but you need to remember the essence of the Reading. If there is no evidence of a relationship breaking up don’t use that meaning. There has to be a hint of this somewhere else in the Reading.

At this point I would locate the Lady and Gentleman House to see what cards fell in there. The Tower can represent a larger institution as well and quite possibly it could be connected with a financial situation since Bear can represent money.  So let’s keep it simple and keep in mind what we have discovered thus far.  Lady X could have a “tall goal” which involves some public venue.  Look at the Garden/Park House for confirmation.

You should have a little better understanding of the Houses even from just these 4 cards discussed.  When you are doing the Full Board Reading using only the Houses and the Lenormand cards falling in these Houses take your time ascertaining your predictions.

Cartomancy is about Reading Cards but it is also about intuitively knowing which meaning to use to tell your story. You can do a grand Lenormand Reading but it will only be grand if you get feedback on your accuracy of Interpretation.

11 thoughts on “snapshot Lenormand Houses interpretation

  1. Thanks for this! Do you also read the cards vertically, like interpreting the bouquet over the tower for example? And then sideways, with child + tower?

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Rhea: If you are initially Reading the Lenormand cards yes you would. For the purpose of House Readings then you would have to study just the cards in the Houses first before attempting the more advanced techniques.

  2. What helps a whole lot… is how the (big spread )functions, and a more sparse version with a few less cards to cut down the ‘excess’ details, with mini tableau spreads, i.e. 3×3’s. It’s challenging for a person to write / describe / journalize ‘concise’ thoughts on paper that has content consistency. ( Character Development made easier with Trigger and “H” spreads.) Learned much as a Beginner… from reading basic techniques vs. Creative Writing Classes.

  3. Thank you. I did the 9 x 4 spread with the Zigeuner, and beneath me (sweetheart in snake house) is Unexpected Joy in the stars house. Does that mean it’s beneath me, I’ve done this, or have the opportunity for it, or it is in front of me?

    On the fourth line beneath me is Death in the fish house.

    Nothing is above me as I fall on the top row.

    Thank you for any insights you can give me. I am surprised that I came up in snake house as my coloring is not like that nor my personality 🙂

    And for some other strange reason, I have been pulling the officer card in every 3-card daily drawing….but no official has been around me or person in uniform. Always he’s to the left or the first card.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi: Just some brief points for you to consider as my time is limited to give you a full interpretation. Sweetheart in the Snake house doesn’t necessarily describe your coloring study the meanings of the Snake – she is intelligent and smart as well as being subtle. I’m not sure I understand your question in the first paragraph?
      The Zigeuner officer can represent a special male as well doesn’t have to be in uniform or tied to any official matters. Sometimes the Officer means there are certain steps to take in a situation see the post HERE —> for more info on the Officer card. Hope that helps. Seaqueen.

      • Hi Seaqueen. Thanks for your reply. I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned the cards because that threw you off. My question is about the cards lying above and beneath and what they mean in that relation to the card, such as if it’s “beneath” in the meaning what does “beneath” mean? If it’s above, what does that mean?

        Thanks again.

      • Hi Rhea: Above the Significator card is an influence in the now (current state of mind or situation) especially when reading the GT. Beneath the Significator would be an influence (generally within days or a week) about to be entered – imminent future. However, in other layouts this may not apply if the positions are given a certain name.

      • Thank you so much. I’ve seen some other meanings for the card below, such as, what the person has overcome (?) or trodden upon (?) and so that is why I wanted your clarification. I also take it that you identify the card to the right of the significator to be future as well, or imminent.

      • Hi,
        In most cases right is future unless the position is identified otherwise prior to the Reading. The same applies to the cards below if the layout you are using is different than the Grand Tableau.

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