The 72 Names Cards by Orna Ben-Shoshan

I just completed a review on The 72 Names Cards @ the Ask my Reviews blog.

Like with all my Cartomancy treasures I like doing Readings with different systems. Of course, I am going to pose a question to this beautiful deck and share my findings with you.

The 72 Names Cards require only a one card draw to answer your question. The interpretation in the detailed Interpretation booklet is divided into 3 levels.  Before I continue with these levels I will upload the card I selected which can be seen below.

#72 of 72 names cards
I selected card #72. You can’t see the #72 in the image but it is situated on both corners on the bottom of the card.  The Hebrew glyph is one of the 72 names of God.  Mem Vav Mem

The question is: will I be successful with a specific future project?

The Interpretation Levels

Perspective: this level reveals the how the situation appears

In relation to the question this level speaks of second chances. There is some confusion or possible disapproval involving certain people. Past difficult lessons can be atoned.

Direction: this level provides Spiritual guidance

In relation to the question this level suggests a release of any painful memories. Encouragement will be offered.  Could be some personality conflicts.

Bottom Line: this level suggests awareness in the outcome

Love and praise is the answer. I get the feeling card #72 is warning of an impending ego scenario. In Tarot, Mem is associated with the  Hanged Man. I want to blend this meaning as well. The message I hear is to take a look at things differently. Vav is associated with the Tarot Hierophant. This card indicates adherence to ritual or a set of beliefs.  When I put it all together, the answer to my question lies in my ability to rise above any situation which develops during this project process.

Not all people are on the same level of understanding. Many people are not capable of thinking outside the box.  Doing the same old thing over and over limits growth.  Love and praise are key in the success of this future project.  Having love in one’s heart means understanding and forgiveness. You can only praise someone if you praise yourself first otherwise it is meaningless.

I think the 3 levels of interpretation are quite profound. As with any deck of cards one needs to take the essence of the card and apply it to a specific situation or question. It’s important to keep perfecting your Interpretative skills. It’s the make it or break it part of a Reading.

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