357x Revelation Deck

My 357x Revelation Fortune Telling Playing Cards copyright 1919 were purchased from HarmoniousEmbrace on Etsy. amcRevelation

Every now and then I add another vintage deck to my collection. The instruction sheet with this 52 card deck explains the Circle of Seven layout which I will be featuring today. For more detailed information on the process and the cards themselves I’ll write a review at Ask my Opinion blog at a later date.

The image below shows the seven seventh cards called the Circle of Seven. The instructions didn’t say whether to lay them out in a circle  🙂   It is the seventh card which is selected from the entire deck totally 7 cards. The meanings are written on the cards upright and reversed. The numbers in the circles are the power values. Red indicates a plus and black a minus. More on how you add up the values in the full review. This part is optional in delivering the Reading of the seven seventh cards. The circled numbers are primary for a card game.

The first three cards (close up image) of the seven are Ace Clubs, 10 Spades and 8 of Hearts. The remaining 4 cards are 7 Diamonds, Queen Spades, 8 Diamonds and Jack Clubs.

RevelationThe Ace of Clubs meaning: The card of commerce. A large business will be developed by your energy and perseverance. (I like the sounds of that). The 10 of Spades meaning: The card of danger and unhappiness; look out for accidents. (I don’t like the sounds of that). The 8 of Hearts meaning: Insinuations are merely jealousy; draw your own conclusions. (The green-eyed monster is everywhere, lol)  Supposedly some of the best seven include the Ace of Clubs and 7 of Diamonds which I have both. The Queen of Spades and 10 of Spades belong to the worst seven and I have them as well.  Looks like this Reading certainly has strong positive and strong negative energy.

I will mention the circled numbers as well.  In the layout there are 5 red circled numbers and 2 black ones. Red is a plus and black is a minus as mentioned in an earlier paragraph. Just for fun I will add the red numbers.  Total being 110 and now the total of the black numbers is subtracted. Total of black is 60.  Ok, that’s 50 does not exceed the 61 required for a fortunate Reading.  🙂

Oh my,  I suppose I should have cleared the deck first. Clearing the deck is easy. There are rituals for the cleansing process but all I do is put the numbers /suits in order and wave some incense over the cards. It is good practice to remove another person’s energy from a used deck.

There are no other instructions with this deck, well, not in the deck I have.

7 thoughts on “357x Revelation Deck

  1. Is there any way you could post a photo of the directions or send it to me via email? I have the cards (minus the joker and instructions) and would love to get a copy of the instructions. Thanks

  2. I already searched extensively. There is only a partial set of directions on this post and on one other post elsewhere on the web. One set of instructions on Aeclectic is to the Nile fortune cards and not the revelation cards. If you can find the directions online for me that would be great! If not, it would be wonderful if you could post the instructions on your blog so other people could find them too. If you prefer to send them to me via email that would be very much appreciated also. Thanks for any information!

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