Modern Fortune Telling

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 weeks since my last post. I seem to find my own time belongs to everyone else. Some people are destined to be of service to others. 

I want to write about Modern Fortune Telling.  Most of the fortune-telling decks on the market (not including the Sacred Tarot) are rooted in traditional meanings.  What I mean by traditional is the meanings which originally were associated with a particular deck. No matter what generation of fortune-telling it is the same questions are usually asked. Someone in 2013 might ask about a love affair, however, a more modern question could be about the success of an on-line business.  Fortune telling cards namely the Sibilla style decks were created before the Internet.

So, are we taking the traditional fortune-telling cards into the modern world or are we becoming Modern Fortune Tellers by tweaking the meanings to fit the scenario?

A modern Fortune Teller can still be rooted in traditional Cartomancy but delivers modern day answers to your clients. We don’t have such a thing as modern Cartomancy. It has already been invented. All we are doing is building upon something that already exists.

Love was the same in 1713 as it is in 2013. Love is the root of most questions.

Fortune telling is the action of predicting “things” in a person’s life. Cartomancy is fortune-telling using cards. If you Read cards you are a Cartomancy Fortune Teller. If you Read (with intent to predict) markings or shapes on the ground you are a Geomancy Fortune Teller.

A Fortune Teller is not always a Cartomancer, although, it’s been a long time association that all fortune tellers Read cards. They don’t. Fortune Tellers read tea leaves, palms, coffee grounds, dice, clouds,etc.

Back to my original thought. A modern Cartomancy Fortune-Teller is a person who practices predicting “things” in someone’s life in this current time, for example, by using a vintage deck of cards with traditional meanings. Confusing 🙂 

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