Lenormand – 7 Chakra Reading

Here’s a few tips on how to read the 7 Chakras using the Lenormand cards. When you study the Chakra in conjunction with the Lenormand card meaning you will discover your own very personal message.

1. Root Chakra – Represents self-awareness. Physical body. Survival center – money, food, freedom, etc. Location: base of spine in the tailbone area.

19 towercrop


BLOCK: You are disconnected because of recent events. You are rooted in separation versus unity.
Solution: let go and know that your needs will be met.

2. Navel – Sacral Chakra – The ability to be ourselves. Creativity. Pleasure/Addiction (sexual) center. Location: lower abdomen – a few inches below and into the navel.


You have the skills to find creative and friendly solutions to your current situation.
Solution: help a friend in need.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – The self-control center. Represents self-worth, personality, ego and intellect. Location: upper abdomen known as stomach area.


BLOCK: Your “oh poor me” attitude needs an adjustment.
Solution: Get off the cross and use the wood to rebuild your self-worth.

4. Heart Chakra – Self love and loving others. Location: above the heart in center of chest.


BLOCK: At this time you are undecided about your emotions. You are restless and long for change. 
Solution: Decide once and for all & follow your choice.

5. Throat Chakra – Communication and speech. Location: throat


BLOCK: You speak with a forked tongue. This is a reflection of the indecision coming from your Heart Chakra.
Solution: Choose your words carefully or they will come back and bite you.

6. Third Eye Chakra – Intuition and Imagination. Ability to perceive. Location: middle of forehead just above the eye brows


You are at the early stages of recognizing your Intuitive Voice. Give it a chance before you dismiss it as just your imagination.
Solution: The more you play the better you get at the Intuitive “game”.

7. Crown Chakra – Connectivity to the flow of Universal energy. Spiritual Awareness. Location: top of the head.

15 bear

You are more empowered than you realize. Decide to trust your heart by releasing your doubts.

Solution: Tap into the Bear’s power and you will release your blocks more easily. Use this Energy to cleanse the blocks within your Chakra areas.

8 thoughts on “Lenormand – 7 Chakra Reading

  1. Very interesting post Madame Seaqueen. I may try this reading to see what comes out. I know I have some blocks somewhere and that will be interesting to see if the cards show something and if I will eventually be able to decipher them!

    • Thanks for your comment Stanze. I can (did) email you a blank chart so you can write in your own cards on the left side which you are using. Let me know if this is ok & that the email you used to comment is valid. My post is a very brief outline of the Chakra interpretations. Seaqueen

  2. Thank you, this is really interesting. I’ve seen this spread before but never knew how to “deal” the cards for it. Do you take cards off the top consecutively after cutting?

  3. Lovely reading, very much enjoyed it! Practical and spiritual in one 🙂 I’ve done chakra readings with tarot and oracle decks, but hadn’t thought to do it with the Lenormand 😀

  4. Hello, – the Clouds appeared on my Throat Charkra, and has House in my Heart. ( Suffering from Phlemgh / Bhronchitus ) and getting this out in the open. However, the spread is quite easy… and yet, took notice of how Tree appeared on the Eyebrow Level. ( Perception of health ) … again I’m a beginner with Lenormand and very grateful of this blog article.

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