few tips on using the Symbolon deck

Those of you who are using the Symbolon deck might find these few tips helpful. As you know there is an instructional booklet with the deck. Also, the Symbolon cards have no identification on the actual card with the exception of the Astrological glyphs. If you are versed in Astrology you are probably applying the combinations when reading the Symbolon cards. For those of you who are learning the cards by looking up the image and finding the corresponding page to read the meanings you may get frustrated with this process.

I have identified the cards in the back of the booklet where you find the images of the cards with the page number of the card……& wasn’t totally satisfied with the process.

First of all, this next part will take some time to do but it will be worth it and save you time.  

  • Put the Symbolon cards in order. If your deck is mixed already from previous readings allow for at least an hour to do this part.

  • Take the first card from your pile find it in the back of the book.

  • Go to the page number belonging to the card.

  • With a fine tip permanent marker neatly write the page # on the card with the name of the card. 

After you have gone through the entire deck of 78 cards your future readings will take less time because all you have to do is find the page # which is written on the cards. With lots of practice you will learn the cards’ names anyways.

I have found this method is faster. I did hesitate marking the cards but when I thought about it I wanted to spend more time studying the cards versus trying to find them in the booklet.   🙂

I will feature a Reading so you can see the page # & name written on the cards.

4 thoughts on “few tips on using the Symbolon deck

    • Thank you for your positive feedback. I do this technique with various decks while I am getting acquainted with the cards & only if I will be using that particular deck on a regular deck. Seaqueen.

    • Hi Bobbie Jo: Thanks for your comment. I found I could spend more time analyzing the Symbolon layout instead. I know many of the cards but not all of them (yet) because I work with so many different systems. It is a real time saver. If you have the Pages of Shustah deck you could do the same thing & also add one keyword. There’s lots of room on the cards. I have worked with the Shustah deck for years so I already know them quite well. Seaqueen.

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