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Today’s question is from Lady L. who is asking about marriage with Gentleman S. She is wondering if her current relationship will lead to marriage. I asked Lady L. to do the full board reading (Grand Tableau) to see if there was any information in the Lenormand Houses which would hint at marriage.

I usually do the 9 x 4 layout and Lady L. opted to do the 8 x 4 x 4.  Before interpreting some of the Lenormand Houses which I think are relevant to the question I need to clarify what the bottom 4 cards represent.  Many Cartomancers who use this layout feel these 4 cards are of great significance.  I see these 4 cards as the Crossing cards of the Tarot Celtic Cross. Here you can find out what influences are at work. I think this is only applicable if the Lenormand Houses are not read. Since I am only going to interpret House to House the bottom 4 cards will be read in accordance to the theme of relaionship/love/marriage. Confusing? I hope not.   🙂

Lia I have taken a snapshot of a section of the full board layout  which includes the Lady and Gentleman to study these cards first. See image is below.

Lady L. who is asking about marriage with Gentleman S. She is wondering if her current relationship will lead to matrimony.

LADY L falls into the House of Birds indicating some anxiety about the intentions of this relationships. This spot can also indicate the #2 which could possibly be a time indicator. GENTLEMAN S falls in the House of the Lady. His thoughts would be with this female at this current time.

In the House of the Whip (to the left of the Lady card see image) we find the Ship card suggesting there could be some discussion about travel/commuting. Also, this combination can indicate her yearning for this relationship to lead to marriage which can create some inner conflicts.

In the House of the Child (to the right of the Lady card) falls the Snake card. Often the Queen of Clubs reveals aspects on one’s personality. I want to read this to mean Lady L may be experiencing the beginning stages of suspicions. Suspicions are not always bad they just make us think of probabilities instead of looking at things through rose-colored glasses. Another meaning for the Snake card falling into this house is that there could be something not totally revealed about a child.

In the House of the Letter (to the far left of the Gentleman) we find the Heart card. There will be some news or information forthcoming with regards to this relationship. This could be read as a love letter or romantic email.

In the House of the Lady (to the left of the Gentleman) falls the Stork card (Queen of Cups). This influence predicts changes are coming most likely from some news/email. Reading just the Lenormand cards the Stork brings changes because of the card to it’s left.

At this point I would locate the Ring card and the House of the Ring for more clues.

The Lenormand RING card suggests some sort of binding or cycle. What circumstances have been brought together? In this reading the Moon card is the House of the Ring suggesting a repeated emotional “cycle”. One must remember, though, the influence of the Ring card in the House of the Sun. This very positive energy awaits Lady L. 


I do want to mention that the Scythe card falls in the House of the Rider #1 suggesting some situation will be at the doorsteps of Lady L. It would be an experience which is quick without much warning. It can be a surprise & there is definitely a decision involved (Path card falls in House of Bouquet).  The Dog card falls in the House of the Scythe strongly suggests a parting in friendship. In the first image we can see the Birds card in the House of the Heart. This is a worrisome energy in matters of the heart. This is confirmed by the fact that the Lady card falls in the House of the Birds.  

I think it is way too early in the relationship to think/worry about marriage.

How would you answer Lady L’s question about marriage?

15 thoughts on “cards in the Lenormand Houses

    • Hello: Thanks for your comment. Yes the Coffin card falls in the House of Coffin. When this occurs which does happen often in the GT (full board reading) the card falls in it’s natural House. The meaning of the card is at it’s strongest. It doesn’t mean it is more or less powerful but it maintains it’s original meaning. A transitional change for sure created by the adjoining Lenormand cards. For example: if the Sun card falls in the House of the Sun happiness will be bestowed on the theme surrounding the Sun card. If the Scythe card falls in the House of the Sun —> the House of the Sun maintains it’s original meaning – happiness, and so on. Hope that brief explanation helps. Seaqueen.

    • Yes, but not as bad as if Scythe card falls in House of Scythe. Another example, if Scythe fell in House of Clouds it would be more positive because the confusion of the Clouds would be minimized or removed by the Scythe’s influence. Seaqueen.

    • Hi Rhea,
      The full board layout as I call it or more commonly known as Grand Tableau always starts with #1 card which is the Rider/Horseman. Each card (in most decks) has a number on it from 1 – 36. All you do is remember the cards in order to arrive at the House #1. Tip: jot down on a paper a diagram with the House #’s or do an Excel sheet for reference. If I get time I will post an image of a blank layout with numbers of the houses on it which might be helpful. Seaqueen

      • Thank you Madame Seaqueen, I suspected that was how you did it. I’ve only learned about a diagonal method of past 2 weeks, past 6 mos, 6 mos to 2 years prior, what’s on their mind, next 6 mos, 2 wks, year. Do you use that method for timing? And, thanks again for explaining the houses. I’m looking forward to your image of it when you can, and you’ve been most helpful. I will make a template for myself too. I will try to combine the timing (diagonals) with the houses and see what I get. 🙂

        Hi Rhea,
        Let me know if you have any problems copying this chart of the Lenormand Houses at the above Scribd link. I can email it to the email address you used to make your comment if you want.


        I use my gut feelings most of the time. Tarot is different timing can be more precise I think. There are time period assigned to many cards. Some Cartomancers have created extravagant systems for timing. For example: if you determine your timing cards are certain spots from the Significator card(s) then use that consistently. I see the Child card to mean 9 months, Clouds to be passing days, Anchor to indicate long time, etc.
        Create your own style!

      • Thank you for the template guide! I copied it down and will use it. I normally did the one with the 4 cards at the bottom but from now on I’m going to do it this way. And I love your 9 month timing on the child. 🙂 This is going to take a lot of practice for me in using the houses. I hope you will do more sample spreads using that method. Thank you again!!

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen,
    I like the 9X4 for single questions, too. There are a couple of cards that I can’t see well, but given what I DO see, I’d say that she is way too focused on the outcome of this relationship, and I HATE seeing the Bear modified by the Clouds over her head. Clouds+ Snake is always icky! I don’t care for the Tree+ Fox in the Fates either. I really feel like if she pushes a marriage agenda, she’s going to lose the relationship, possibly not even because of her own actions, but because other forces are controlling the outcome (Bear+ Clouds over her head). My humble opinion is that each doesn’t know what they really want from each other. Lessons to be learned about desires, conflict, and changes outside of her control. With cards like these, I’d say he either has to face a change in his job (Bear read as an employer) or changes in his family (House read as relatives) that may take precedent over her own agenda…illness, death, etc. (Coffin in Coffin). I also really hate seeing Coffin+ Child + Birds…I’m sure you see why.

    I love your take on the Scythe in Clouds! I too believe that each reader eventually comes up with a set of personal combinations and rules that they must stick to. I think it is always tricky throwing a tableau and having another person’s intake on it, though…it is given in the language the thrower has established. So I could be totally and completely off- base. LOL!! lOve your blog, BTW.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for your comment.Your perception on the Lenormand combinations was enjoyable to read. Many, many years ago I used to ask the clients to record feedback on a sheet of paper. As I interpreted the cards I wrote the major points on this sheet. I want to mention that I read some of your posts on your website. The post called, “Dead Woman Walking” reminded me of so many experiences that I have had with people in the crossing over stages. Being Clairsentient I felt their journey even though it was not mine completely. I have added your website to the Card Lovers Community Directory so please continue writing so that others are helped by your words. Hugs. Seaqueen

  2. PS I take the employer and relatives view because Bear is in House, modified by Clouds in Tree, and House is in Clouds. If I were reading the cards, this would be a strong indication of forces outside of her control.

  3. Thank you so much, Madame Seaqueen! I have had the dubious benefit of free time that comes with relinquishing one’s job when illness strikes that has afforded me the time to study the Lenormand…I am still learning their language, sadly. Thanks to you and to Andy, and a couple others, I have developed a little Lenny dictionary of my own, based on the traditional method. But you know- the deck is like a slippery eel: when you think you have it, it slips away and shows you you have more to learn. I like your method of reading and having them give you feedback. I try to keep a written record of my spreads and will go back and see what happened later. I try to do that with mediumship and psychic readings, too- keeps me in practice.

    Thanks for adding my site to the community! I’m not very technologically savvy and only just realized the other day I had set my comments to a setting that allowed no comments… Argh…I was needing a little breathing time but will be back with more words soon. I’m so flattered you enjoy my words 🙂 Have a great day, Madame Seaqueen!

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