Black Snake Birthday March 5th

Today I celebrate and welcome a new decade. I could actually sense my dear mom and dad wishing me a Happy Birthday. Also, I felt an energy hug from them with a few chuckles as well.  My 27 month old grandson, Connor, sang to me on FaceTime and my 14 month old granddaughter was sending kisses. I am blessed to have a great daughter and son; brother and his lady. The flowers in the image are from the special Australian man in my life. I am grateful for all the Facebook birthday wishes and it gives me a warm feeling all over to know, even though, we can’t be together we are together in thought. A special thanks to my long time friends who have known me  through my adventures in the past decades.

Interestingly, I received 22 roses. The number 22 has a special significance and is the most powerful of all numbers. The Master Builder. 


10 thoughts on “Black Snake Birthday March 5th

  1. Happy birthday to you Madame Seaqueen. I hope you will have a wonderful and blessed new year with lots of love and inspiration to share with all your followers.

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