Shades of Jealousy

jealousy.sibilla     jealousy
The two cards in the above image are both jealousy. The 1st card is from the Sibilla della zingara deck named Disperato per Gelosia  and the 2nd called is from the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck called Jealousy (in English).

I google translated Disperato per Gelosia to Desperate for Jealousy which probably translates better as jealousy from desperation.

Jealousy is depicted different in these 2 decks. The 1st card is quite dramatic in it’s message. It looks like the man is in a “crazy” state because of his emotions. Jealousy makes one do bizarre things which can be viewed as the person being temporarily out of their mind.  It is definitely a card of an excessive reaction to a situation or person.

The Zigeuner deck doesn’t have such an intense feeling to it. The man in the bushes is observing the embracing couple. He does sport a red tie indicating response based on anger but will take a gentleman’s approach to the situation. He is well dressed suggesting some manners but you never know what happens when the green-eyed monster begins to taunt the person.

I do think that different decks give a different feeling to the meaning of the card. We are very much influenced by visuals in fortune-telling style cards.  In the Tarot, the core traditional meanings are memorized first and then the card is studied further for psychic impressions or additional feelings. That’s the way it has been for decades. Some of the more modern Tarot decks allow for the opportunity to see the cards meanings from other artistic points of view. The Tarot expects the reader to follow it’s disciplines. Gossip cards are not overly complex unless of course, you want to make something out of nothing.

That is the fun, we Cartomancers have, mainly because we can 🙂

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