asking Shustah about travel

I’ve been having some computer issues. This type of thing is typical when Mercury is retrograde. I had a question from female S. whether or not she would go on a long desired trip. There seems to be some legal setbacks which is also in keeping with Mercury retrograde.

I have asked the Pages of Shustah cards for advice in this situation with the hopes of providing some positive feedback to female S.  The trio below are the cards I drew on her behalf.


With two red cards appearing along with an Astrology card I felt a negative answer for this question. You never know the answer until you really study the cards’ messages in their spots.

1. The first card reveals the premise of the question. The red Closed Gate indicates challenges for sure.  This card is usually a “no” answer. Since it fell in this spot it almost feels likes the circumstances around travel have been blocked right from the start. The card itself doesn’t expand on why there is blockage but there is the boarding up of the opening belonging to the gate.. As you can see in the image, though, there is maneuverability of the boards.

I would equate this to the 1st card of the Celtic cross. It is the aura or energy around the question. It is the “heart” of the matter.

2. The second card shows the problem of the situation. It is the black Capricorn card which is the 10th sign of the Zodiac. In Astrology the 10th house rules reputation, career and achievement. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is a planet of lessons.  The energy of this planet is slow.

I would equate this card to the 2nd card (Crossing) in the Celtic cross. It can be positive or negative and in this case it is neutral.

This black card is suggesting that more energy be applied by being persistent in solving this “legal” setback connected to the travel plans. More time is needed because people in higher positions of authority don’t really care that female S. is on a limited time schedule in booking the travel plans, etc.

3. The third card implies the result of this question. Another red card. The Serpent as a result is tricky energy. In the Pages of Shustah accompanying book, Manser states this card suggests there could be a danger of delusion (Quality of Power level). Obviously, there are strong challenges to the materialization of this question.

This card would be similar to the Before You card in the Celtic cross. For my way of laying out the Celtic cross it is card 6 which is to the right of the center. Yes, even the Celtic cross has different versions. I would also study card 8 (Others spot) because usually the answer is within that card especially if someone else controls the outcome like a person or organization.

Whenever I saw the Serpent in past readings as an outcome the indication was for great caution in any matter. The result could change at a moment’s notice just like the lightning speed of a snake’s attack.

How would you answer this question based on the information gathered so far about the cards and the cards in the positions?   I sense there is more to this Serpent card than meets the eye.  As far as a yes or no answer I would read these cards as a “most likely not” answer. One thing about the Serpent card is that the energy is continuous. If one way doesn’t work another way might.

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