Ride ’em cowboy

1 ridercropped

Most Lenormand decks have the common image of a male riding a horse, heading either to the left or to the right of the card (sometimes not). The direction of the horseman should be kept in consideration. Part of the reason for studying the direction is so you can determine if this news is expected (horseman faces to the left) or if it is something entirely new (horseman faces to the right). You don’t have to read the directions but do so if the person asks you to be more specific. News is coming either way.

The Rider can represent a new encounter (love interest) and you’ll get a “rush” from the experience. The length of contact cannot be measured by just the appearance of the Rider card. Look at the cards following the Rider for time indicators. 2’s- Whip, Birds, etc. Moon – 4 weeks and so on

The Rider card can bring in waves of news or info that could sweep you off your feet if you are not grounded.  You can expect increased momentum to any situation.

Be careful what you wish for (9) as your thoughts may bring the Rider to your doorstep in ways you don’t expect.

10 scythecropped Scythe  = news detailing an abrupt halt to a plan or situation. The news never arrives.

24 heartcrop Heart  = news about a situation you care about. Jack  = about or from a loved one

36 crosscrop Cross = news about hardships must will be delivered. News about a death.

6 thoughts on “Ride ’em cowboy

    • Hi Rhea: Thanks for your comment. Yes, it could. My example combination is a probability as is the Rider + Coffin. I see the Coffin card more of a transformational situation which is not to say it couldn’t predict such an event. Predictions of any kind are based on interpretative skills. Intuition provides that word or phrase you hear during the process of practical interpretation. Seaqueen.

      • Thank you so much Seaqueen. I see the death card in Tarot as transformational too, but in the Lenormand I usually mistake the coffin for just death or ending, possibly because it’s so literal looking.! It’s good to know that it represents transition as well. Thanks.

      • Hello again: I think groups of cards should be considered and even then it’s a touchy topic to even think about. The eve of my dear father’s passing on I drew cards asking if he would make it through the night (he was very ill at that time) and I did not get any sort of death cards at all. I did get a card of fear. When my mom suddenly got sick 4 months before dad died I asked the Tarot cards if she would be ok. My answer suggesting any loss was the crossing card of 5 of Cups. I did not read this card as death I but within a short time I experienced the full extent of the 5 of Cups. The outcome in the Celtic cross was the Empress. This card is usually not linked to someone passing on but it can. The Empress came into play because I became a 1st time granny 6 weeks after my father died. So much sadness in 2010 and such glee with the birth of my grandson (to follow with a granddaughter 12.5 months later who looks very much like my mom) Seaqueen.

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