Heavy burdens.

10 of Wands

Aquatic Tarot 10 of Wands

36 crosscrop

Piatnik Lenormand

The Tarot 10 of Wands and the Lenormand Cross share a similar meaning. Each card gifts you with burdens in life. How you choose to carry your challenges is up to you. With the Tarot 10 of Wands you can place your problems in front of you so that you cannot see the road ahead of you. With the Lenormand Cross you carry these problems deep within yourself.

One aspect of the cards: problems come in different forms. It can be a person, situation, attitude or consequence of a previous decision either of your own doing or initiating by someone else.

Whenever either of these two cards appear in a reading it indicates the road ahead will not be so easy. It is time to re-evaluate your position in life or your role in a situation. I have heard many times across various schools of thought you are not given more than you can handle. I used to believe this. If it is within your belief system to suffer, then,  that is exactly what you will attract for one reason or another.

Some people are not happy unless they are suffering. That’s all they know. Should a ray of happiness shine in their life they become suspicious or have the self-defeating attitude that something will go wrong.  When reading cards such as these it is important to remember all things pass, all things change and all things have a season. Nothing last forever with the exception of life after death and even then we do not know for sure if there aren’t stages on those levels as well. We just don’t know. I’d love to ask my mom & dad but by the nature of my dreams of them I think there are problems in the afterlife as well. I can’t prove it but I can sense it. Many times the spirit is not at peace & this is why we have things called ………..ghosts?

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