Valentine’s AlphaBet for Lovers reading

How appropriate to be doing a relationship reading on Valentine’s day using the AlphaBet for Lovers deck.  (The full review —> click here).

I do want to mention that there is another way to shuffle these cards. You can place them in the attractive double drawstring bag and gently mix them as suggested in the booklet. put the cards in the box (image a: ) and moved them around in a shuffling motion & used the pretty double drawstring bag as a layout cloth (image b:).  Aren’t they beautiful!


Image a: optional shuffle cards in box

Today I want to feature a reading involving a married male J. who is having some marriage  issues.  I am using the Four Hearts spread from page 10 of the fantastic and detailed Instructional Booklet included with the 72 plastic coated heart-shaped cards. The booklet provides 4 levels of understanding with suggested Advice.

The Four Heart Layout Reading

Image b: Four Hearts spread Reading

Image b: Four Hearts spread Reading

Card 1: What are the factors affecting male J’s relationship/marriage at present?

Card # 15: The back of the card reads: the Hebrew letter He.  “A relationship with a dominant individual.” Brief summary from booklet: describes male J’s strong ego and charisma. It does point to a personality “temper”. Advice: There needs to be some breathing space within this marriage. One or both parties are married to the career instead of each other.

Card 2: “What does male J really want, what is his purpose, and where does he want to go?”

Card #7: The back of the card reads: the Hebrew letter Gimel. “Caring and kindness.” Very brief summary: this does specifically apply to male J as Gimel is associated with the letters J and G. What does he want: shared growth and new modes of cooperation. What is his purpose: a withdrawal phase. Where does he want to go: befriend the soft, feminine side of his personality. Advice: male J should not take things personally. He should monitor or balance his excessive giving into this marriage.

Card 3: “What is the nature of the person male J. is involved with?”

Card 42: Back of card reads: the Hebrew letter Nun. “Karmic connection, transformation and change”. Brief summary: She is involved in constant renewal. Optimistic and joyous personality conceals the deep changes. Advice: The dynamics and power balance will shift in this marriage as both partners are changing. Old patterns of communication no longer serve any purpose and it’s time to let go, naturally.

Card 4: “What can male J. expect? Which way will the situation develop in the future?”

Card 55: Back of card reads: the Hebrew letter final Peh. “restarting a new life”.  Summary Advice: One of the partners had an aloof attitude without being as emotionally involved as the other in fact criticizing the person in a way which brings forth negative patterns.  The marriage is caught in a dark and narrow place. The aloof partner must encourage open conversation with kindness.  Until this happens and the emotionally hurt partner feels safe again there is a strong indication that a re-start in life is pending.  

I see this final card as a serious warning that steps need to be taken to rebuild this marriage either within the marriage connectivity or through a distancing from each other.

March 1st update: Male J. has confirmed this reading is “totally spot on”.

June 15, 2013 update: Male J. has separated with his marital partner and is exploring a new relationship.

May 25, 2015 update: Male J. is involved with another lady and has since divorced from his wife.

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