Heart Layout for Lady S.

A question from Lady S. using the Lenormand cards in The Heart Layout. My findings are in bold.

The querent is female and she wants to know about the future of her relationship with male X.The cards were: what’s on her mind – mice. This is pretty obvious as she is anxious and stressed. Also thinking on losses.
What she faces: dog – from your posts I guess that in this case the dog is talking about fidelity, she must trust the situation.

—->The Mouse card above Lady S. indicates that a situation is really bothering her connected to the Gentleman. Yes, she feel anxious about the entire circumstance. What she is faces is questions about loyalty and friendship bonding.
The middle card was letter and this is one of my doubts. Letter means communication. Now communication is something missing between them as he is running away of the feelings.

—–>Yes, one of the meanings of Letter is communication or at least the channel is open for further correspondences.  Lady S. is worrying needlessly because there are no card to indicate anything significantly “bad” will occur (ie: scythe, stork, mountain, whip, coffin, etc). The Gentleman has a duty (Lily, King of Spades) to his marriage which does not mean he can’t have feelings for Lady S. 

——>The Dog & Letter combined suggests a further connection between these two people. The Dog & Rider combined suggests a re-affirming of friendship. The Mouse & Lily combined could suggest lack of or very little physical love in his current situation.  

What’s on his mind: lilly – I could think on sexuality, harmony or family (he is still married)
What he faces – rider — or he will visit her, as the rider is going from him to her, or he will send her some news.

——>The Lily card also represents honesty because one of it’s traditional meanings is purity. This male is very much in control of his emotions (King of Spades) and doesn’t want any kind of troubles.  The fact that the Rider card is before him (what he faces) suggests there will be a connection in the near future with Lady S. This is confirmed by the center card Letter.

The Lenormand deck in the image below is published by Carta Mundi & illustrated for the purpose of demonstrating The Heart Layout.  Very nice soft cards which enhance Cartomancy interpretation.


5 thoughts on “Heart Layout for Lady S.

  1. Thanks, Seaqueen, for your developed comments. I really liked the way you connected the above and below cards and the central card. It made me understand better the dynamics of this spread.


  2. Hello Madame Seaqueen, I tried this layout using the Lady for me and the Lily for the man (I use this significator for him as it fits him and this card always speaks to me about him). I got Clover on my mind and I’m facing Fox. He has Tree on his mind and faces Birds. Outcome: Garden. Now, given that we are in no relationship and no communication has been, I do consider the Fox as I’m facing a tricky situation. I may have to realize that something has been not as I thought it to be. May be I’ll find out something about the man? On my mind is luck and that’s true as I hope for a bit of luck to get communicating with the man again. I do need this luck but will it come? The King of Spades has health issues on his mind or he may even think of his age (he’s older) or he may think of a situation that has been weighing on him for some time. He is facing the Birds which confuses me a bit as it may be about communication (fingers crossed) but it may be only his disturbed thoughts or even a couple. I do like the Garden as an outcome though. I take it as a possible socialising between us. May be even a meeting. I’m just not sure about the Fox+Garden… Birds+Garden (on his side) makes me think there will be communication but Fox+Garden… I do see the Fix as a job card too, so it’s possible a work related situation to bring a get together. Do you think I got it right? Thank you for your insights!

  3. I just realized that I also see the Fox as “approaching”, kind of hunting… May be I’m facing a time when I’ll have to approach him somehow (the man). I also remember you wrote about the Fox ruling the Internet, I wonder if the Fox, Birds and Garden point at an internet connection. This layout is a bit tricky indeed.

  4. Hi Madame Seaqueen.
    I may give you a feedback here. Lady S and male X met each other. It was very emotional and apparently he broke up as it seems he is not feeling comfortable with everything and the pressure around him. Nevertheless he confirmed that he was breaking up because he has strong feelings for Lady S.

    So, I thought about doing a “and now” heart layout and I got the following cards: (the lady is on the left looking at the man on the right. The LN cards are the same as before).

    Above her: Mountain – yes, naturally. She is thinking about all the great obstacles between them.
    Below her: again the dog. Will this means that all her worries are temporary because the dog again shows fidelity (and I mean to the relationship?). Btw he said he can not be friends with her because he does not feel her as a friend).

    Above him: Cross – I guess he is feeling sad about the separation (?). Or considering it as a sacrifice?
    Below him: Book – in one of your heart readings examples I saw that you mention the book could mean a decision to be done… a revelation

    Between them: House – what does this card will exactly mean related to their relationship? I had a feeling of intimacy, security because it is supposed to be related to the relationship and not about them individually (what could give me the idea of his or her own family).

    Thanks for any comments. This is really a very nice spread and I want to get more grips on it.

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