a Whip is a Whip

I enjoy cross referencing different Cartomancy systems to see if I can find similar cards.  In today’s post I am featuring the Pages of Shustah red Whip card and the Lenormand Whip card.


Shustah Whip. Lenormand Whip

The red Pages of Shustah Whip card on the left is considered a challenging energy. Red cards in this system are not easy cards to contend with. The Lenormand Whip card on the right is viewed as disturbing energy as well.

The Shustah Whip is all about discipline be it Spiritual, Emotional or Physical. This card suggests the lack of peace of mind and so does the Lenormand Whip.

When reading either of these 2 cards there are really only 2 questions to ask yourself.

1. Who or what situation is whipping you?

2. Are you whipping yourself because of a person or situation?

A whip does not lash out unless it is used by a person or situation. It just sits there projecting an intimidating energy. You can only imagine the stinging of it if you are on the receiving end of it’s motion.

Many times we need to really work hard at self-discipline and basically whip ourselves into an action mode. The Whip’s card may be unsettling but can produce productive results.

The Lenormand Whip is traditionally associated with discussions which are quite forceful. It’s akin to getting your cards on table and proceeding with some sort of resolution.

Both these cards will throw action energy to it’s neighbour card to the left of it.  What you want to know is the consequences of this energy. This is only applicable if you are using the Whip card as a verb. It can also be the subject or theme in question. You’ll have to ponder on the cards to determine what exactly the Whip stands for in the entourage of cards.

3 Lenormand Examples:

#1:  the subject (Gentleman) receives the action of the verb (Whip) which leads to a more clear (Stars) understanding of the problem.

#2: the Heart receives the action of the Whip and confusion (Clouds) prevails.

#3: the Dog receives the action of the Whip resulting in a broken (Scythe) friendship.

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